Why should you become a Grayce Delivery Manager?

Grayce Delivery Manager, Alex Siddall talks about what she enjoys most about her role. 

After several years working in change and operations management roles, I decided I wanted to do something different. I wasn’t sure what exactly. However, I knew I wanted to leverage my experience of business change and work with people who were motivated, who I could help to coach and mentor.

As luck would have it, Grayce was recommended to me. In researching the company, I was immediately impressed at their strategy of hiring outstanding graduates who want to pursue a career in change and transformation.

After meeting with the founding Directors, I was hooked on the idea of working as a Delivery Manager. The role would enable me to work with bright, talented people with whom I could share my experiences and insights. I could help them to overcome their challenges and share in their successes. All whilst contributing to the success of Grayce.

Delivery Managers provide outstanding service

Six months in and the role has turned out to be more varied and rewarding than I could have ever expected! As a Grayce Delivery Manager, I work closely with our Project Analysts. I support them with their client delivery responsibilities and coach them through the 3-year Development Programme. I’m responsible for ensuring our Analysts are continuously developing and are on track to reach their full potential.

Along with Analyst engagement, there is also client engagement. As a Grayce Delivery Manager, you are given the opportunity to work with a variety of organisations across different sectors. Supporting these organisations through strategic transformational change challenges us to think innovatively about the solutions and services we offer.

One of our values is being a client-centric service provider. So our clients' feedback is really important to us. We offer a unique assured service to ensure we continuously add value to our clients and uphold the quality service Grayce is known for.

Our service is delivered through focused engagement with our clients. I frequently meet with client Assignment Leads in order to improve and accelerate our Analysts delivery and development. We’re fortunate that our clients share our values and are passionate about developing talented people.

Through the support of the Grayce Development Programme and continued client commitment, our Project Analysts go above and beyond in their roles. This demonstrates that capability and willingness are often more important than experience. I'm proud to work for Grayce and to work alongside some of the most inspiring people I have met!

Meaningful opportunities with Grayce

We are continuing to expand our presence across the UK. If you’re passionate about people development and change and transformation, being a Grayce Delivery Manager could be a rewarding next step for you.

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