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Working across business and digital transformation, business improvement, and regulatory change, our Analysts have the skills, expertise, and aptitude to add immediate value from day one.

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Business solutions

Our Analysts work with clients to help deliver organisational change and transformation. We train our Analysts to match your needs from the onset, ensuring seamless delivery in projects ranging from large-scale transformation programmes to tactical regulatory changes, and business improvement.

Our Analysts combine professional and technical expertise to work towards your organisation’s most urgent needs. Access adaptable, fresh-thinking talent who will bring innovation in change and transformation. Our Analysts deliver excellence in roles such as Junior Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Project Management Officer.

Junior Project Managers

Our Junior Project Managers oversee small to large projects and end-to-end delivery. They are trained to work in any company environment and will manage delivery teams to ensure projects are met within time, budget, quality, and stakeholder requirements.

Our Project Managers are commercially aware, results-driven, and passionate about driving change to secure tangible benefits for your organisation.

Business Analysts

Our Business Analysts are responsible for understanding your business needs. They apply disciplined business analysis techniques to drive innovative solutions, including design thinking, data modelling, and business process mapping.

All Grayce Business Analysts are critical thinkers, hold strong stakeholder management skills, and will support you throughout the project life cycle.

Project Management Officers

Our Project Management Officers understand the project life cycle and are qualified to oversee delivery, ensuring efficient risk management. They offer a diligent and proactive approach to management deliverables, including Steerco meetings, project reports, RAID logs, business cases, and project plans.

Grayce Project Management Officers help clients across sectors meet goals, deadlines, and more.

Product Owners

Our Product Owners (PO) contribute to the product roadmap and help the delivery team add value to the project. They are trained to manage and prioritise product backlogs, write use cases, and develop stakeholder relationships.

Grayce Product Owners will serve as the ‘voice of the customer’, helping to evolve your product as a solution to their challenges. Our POs are commercially aware and equipped with effective communication and storytelling skills.

Scrum Masters

Our Scrum Masters account for the delivery team’s effectiveness as they continuously support them in adding value. Scrum Masters work alongside Product Owners to maintain productive communication across the wider team.

They ensure the delivery team follows product backlogs and sprints whilst promoting stakeholder collaboration. We train our Scrum Masters to manage stand-ups and workshops using Kanban practices.

Digital solutions

Embrace digital transformation and harness the power of data and technology with our digital solutions. Our Analysts are trained to be highly analytical and commercially aware, enabling them to inform strategic decisions within ambitious projects.

Our Analysts combine key data and technology skills in programming languages and tools like Python, JavaScript, AWS, and Tableau. Analysts work in agile environments as Software Developers, Cyber Security Analysts, Data Engineers, and Software Testers. Once deployed, our Analysts will integrate into your team to support data-driven decision-making and effective digital transformation.

Data Analysts

Data Analysts apply analytical and modelling techniques to large data sets, helping to drive data insight and solve business needs. All Data Analysts receive AI and machine learning training, helping them convert data and develop algorithms into business solutions.

Data Analysts possess effective communication, collaboration, and numerical skills to aid development. They work as a cross-functional team, helping you to succeed and achieve more.

Software Developers

Our Software Developers are highly skilled in full-stack development and are trained in several programming languages, including C#, .Net, Javascript, and React. They will also help you to manage and decommission legacy systems.

Our Developers design, write, test, and debug programs and scripts to achieve well-engineered results. In addition to being technical experts, Grayce Software Developers possess business skills that make them integral IT professionals in your existing teams.

Cyber Security Analysts

Our Cyber Security Analysts have a passion for technology and the safety of your operations. They are responsible for improving the security of digital information systems from cyber-attacks and unauthorised access.

Grayce Cyber Security Analysts help clients identify software and hardware risks and vulnerabilities. They will devise strategies to minimise intrusion, including penetration testing and network configuration. Our cyber security specialists are equipped with effective communication, problem-solving, and adaptability.

Software Testers

Software testing is essential for reducing risk and optimising performance in your development project. Our Software Testers will seamlessly integrate with your team, helping to maintain quality throughout the project life cycle.

Grayce testers are trained to evaluate and verify software products or applications, ensuring they are fit for purpose. They specialise in automation testing and business readiness and are skilled in programming and change management.

Data Engineers

Our Data Engineers use engineering best practices and data quality standards to build pipelines that can automate data transformation. Grayce Data Engineers create and maintain logical data models and integrate data from multiple sources into central repositories.

They apply data cleansing and standardisation rules to solve known data quality issues. Our Data Engineers are problem solvers who adapt to change and use a meticulous approach to all work.

DevOps Analysts

Our DevOps Analysts improve collaboration between developers and operations throughout the software development life cycle. Grayce DevOps Analysts streamline and automate software development, testing, and deployment pipelines, ensuring software is delivered reliably and on time.

These Analysts are adaptable, open to learning new technology and tools, and possess excellent communication skills.

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Supporting you in the areas you need the most

We grow our Analysts’ technical competency across specialist solutions to meet the challenges facing businesses today.

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Optimise team efficiency

Our Accelerated Development Programme provides unrivalled support, development, and mentorship during an Analyst’s assignment. We manage Analysts’ performance, professional development, and offer extensive client support, leaving you and your teams to focus on project delivery.

Find exceptional talent

There’s a reason we’re a trusted partner to 100+ organisations worldwide: quality. As experts in change and transformation, we guarantee excellence at every stage in the hire, train, and deploy process. Our personalised approach means that you get highly-curated talent that matches your organisation’s challenges.

Retain expertise with free transitions

Look beyond short-term project delivery and support your long-term transformation plans with Grayce. After two years, our Analysts can transition to become your permanent employees for no added fee, allowing you to reduce talent attrition, retain critical knowledge, and future-proof your capabilities.

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Power up your transformation with Grayce

For over a decade, we’ve transformed how organisations solve change management, technology, and data capacity challenges. Our diverse, early professionals have the power to drive real change. Contact the team now to learn more about our solutions and how we can assist you. 

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