What does Movember mean to our community?

This November, the Sex & Gender Team from Grayce's diversity and inclusion initiative, EveryOneEmpowered, have been reaching out to our community to help promote a positive conversation about men, manhood and masculinity by finding out why they have been getting involved with Movember.

Movember research found that during lockdown, despite 83% of British men saying they find it helpful when people ask if they’re having a difficult time, almost half had had no one had check-in with them. With 22% of men saying that their mental health had worsened during COVID-19 and 29% feeling lonely more often, it's more essential than ever to get these conversations started to help everyone receive the support they need.

People from the Grayce and Doris Community have been growing moustaches and taking on physical challenges to raise funds for Movember UK – the UK's leading charity changing the face of men’s health. Here we share some insights from across our Community...

What does Movember mean to you?

“For me, Movember represents a fantastic movement to raise awareness of men's health issues and how to address them. This includes a focus on testicular cancer, prostate cancer and men's suicide.” – Jonathan Smee, Grayce Analyst

"On top of my poor effort of growing a moustache and raising awareness of the campaign, Movember also encourages me to make sure everyone knows they can reach out to me. Movember is a yearly reminder that I can help by simply demonstrating I am listening to someone and sharing my own struggles, hoping to open the conversation and help my friend or colleague where they need it." - Terry Donnelly, Doris Analyst

"3 out of 4 suicides in the UK are men - that’s an alarming rate and very sad to hear! Movember is about getting people talking, sharing stories, encouraging others to talk about how they’re feeling and a time to support one another." - Rose O'Reilly, Grayce Delivery Manager

"My dad is a prostate cancer survivor, and so the Movember initiative really does mean a lot. The donations that it raises contribute to prostate cancer research, and without that - I may not have been so blessed as to say I still have a dad that nags at me today!" - Esnart Membe, Grayce Analyst

"For me, Movember is where I can get involved in something different and feel a part of making a difference, whether it be through fundraising, communicating with others or setting myself a challenge in some sort of exercise." - Oliver Leedham, Grayce Analyst

“Movember is a great way to highlight issues around men's physical and mental health whilst raising some money and having a sense of humour!” – Liam Boyle, Grayce Analyst

“It’s the first year I've participated in Movember and it means a couple of things for me: I lost a friend at 26 to cancer, which is not something that you expect someone to have to go through at that age, but it’s a reminder that life is too short and it can happen to anyone. Movember is a way of showing support and that there are people facing similar issues. It's okay to show what affects you and it's okay to ask for help.” – Daniel Sutherland, Grayce Client Partner

"Movember reminds me to take time to consider my mental and physical wellbeing and how I can monitor and improve it.  After this year, I think that Movember is arguably more important than ever in helping men from a mental health point of view. I've also become a father for the first time this summer, so I'm hoping by following the advice provided by the team at Movember when I feel down, that will allow me to be the best example of 'The Modern Man' to my son that I can possibly be." - Ben Julian, Grayce Analyst

“For me, it’s about supporting men around us. Far too often men think that they’ve got to be the strong one and can’t share how they are feeling. I want to change this and highlight the importance of men talking to one another and reaching out when their health isn’t at its best” – Shelley Salti, Grayce Delivery Manager

Why do you think Movember is important?

“Beyond the wonderful initiatives run by the Movember Foundation it creates conversation and if this ultimately leads to at least one person getting checked or reaching out for help as a result then Movember has achieved its goal. I did my first Movember last year and I couldn't believe how many people opened up to me about their mental health and previous health scares which I found very impactful.” – Jonathan Smee, Grayce Analyst

“I think it’s important as it should highlight the need to change perceptions about what and how men feel and react to challenges and situations within their lives. Too many men become isolated at the worse times for themselves and I think Movember shows some solidarity and togetherness.”– Daniel Sutherland, Grayce Client Partner

“Personally, Movember is important because there is a real problem with men not seeking help soon enough. Whether that is not seeking medical help or internalising emotional problems. Movember challenges this by raising awareness and its popularity hopefully signals changing attitudes.” – Liam Boyle, Grayce Analyst

"There is still a massive stigma and onus put on men to save face and 'be strong' through all sorts of adversity and this can sometimes be detrimental to their health. Movember works towards highlighting the importance of health checks for men, and gives men the opportunity to take time out in a month to speak on their struggles in a non-judgmental forum (to hopefully be carried on throughout the year)." - Esnart Membe, Grayce Analyst

"I think Movember is important as it encourages those who are struggling to speak up and get the support they need. The campaign helps to kickstart conversations and raise awareness for men's mental health. Things may seem positive on the surface, it is important to make sure everyone knows it is okay to speak up. You don't have to hold in all your emotions - something I must admit I have been guilty of recent months. Remember, we are all in this together!" - Terry Donnelly, Doris Analyst

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