Supporting social mobility through a charity partnership with The House of St. Barnabas

A team of Grayce Salesforce Analysts, Tobias White, Numma Fofana and James Perry, are currently undertaking pro bono work at The House of St. Barnabas (HoSB). 

HoSB is a private members’ club and charity in the heart of Soho with a mission to break the cycle of homelessness. The charity provides training to socially disadvantaged people, supporting them into meaningful and lasting work. Grayce share HoSB’s mission to upskill and empower people, so we’re thrilled to support their social mission.  

James Perry says: “At HoSB, their CRM software and its related systems needed addressing as it was causing the team to spend more time than they needed to on internal processes. During this project, I’ve been able to build on my professional skills and also put into practice a lot of my training and development from Grayce. The opportunity to work with HoSB was brilliant for me because I was able to make a positive impact at a charity that is committed to such a meaningful cause, as well as gaining invaluable experience that I can take forward into future roles. I’m really looking forward to being able to contribute on more of the great charitable projects at Grayce in the future.”

Tobias White says: “Having the opportunity to work with HoSB to improve their Salesforce Org is fantastic! It couples charitable work, which is close to my heart, with my knowledge of Salesforce, which I have acquired with comprehensive training from Grayce.  Working collaboratively with HoSB, we have identified key areas of their Org which are hindering day-to-day operations and are now working to address these by improving data quality, communicating best practice to uphold this, and supporting a third-party consultancy with their developmental work.” 

Numma Fofana says: “I’ve always wanted to work for a homelessness charity so that I could make a difference. So far, we have improved HoSB’s Salesforce platform processes and helped with their data inconsistency. Working at the HoSB has been very rewarding as our contributions have made their life a lot easier. I’m very happy to be adding value in this way.” 

Our Analysts are passionate about using their consulting skills to support charity work and improve social mobility. Knowing that they’re making a meaningful impact drives Grayce Analysts to deliver excellent outcomes for our clients.  

We’re looking forward to further strengthening this partnership, improving the charity’s ways of working to enable The House of St. Barnabas to more effectively carry out their vital social mission to break the cycle of homelessness.  

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