My journey from the Grayce Graduate Programme to cecoming a Delivery Manager

From joining our graduate Development Programme in 2017, to moving to HQ as a Delivery Manager, Katherine Smart shares her Grayce success story. 

What made you first choose Grayce as a graduate?

“I’d just come back from living abroad and Grayce ticked boxes all the boxes for me; it provided good opportunities that would give me immediate hands-on experience. I loved that there was continuous training from the start and the chance to work with really exciting clients. I realised quickly that the clients were super prestigious and looked great on your CV, but it was really the community feeling at Grayce that made me realise this was the place for me.”

How do you think being on the Grayce graduate Development Programme before being a Delivery Manager will help you in your new role? 

“I have good knowledge of Grayce, strong relationships with the HQ Team, and I can utilise my own experiences on the programme when supporting Analysts as a Delivery Manager. I can understand and empathise with the Analysts’ experiences because I’ve been through the Development Programme too.” 

 Why did you want to become a Grayce Delivery Manager?

“During my time at Grayce, I’ve worked across FinTech, Insurance, Legal Services and Financial Services on the graduate programme and then as a Grayce Consultant. I didn’t want to leave Grayce because you get so much exposure here and I’ve had exponential growth and responsibilities in each role. The Consultant position includes people management and account development, and I can’t think of another company which would give you such holistic and wide-ranging opportunities so early in your career.

Whilst I was on client assignment as a Consultant at a leading insurance organisation, I was managing 24 projects and a team of 20 people as a Programme Manager. I really enjoyed the people management aspect of the role. Managing, mentoring, coaching and developing people was the best part of my day. So, I talked to the Leadership Team and decided to apply for the Delivery Manager role.”

In your opinion, what makes a great Grayce Delivery Manager? 

“A great Grayce Delivery Manager, is someone who listens to their Analysts without being judgemental. You provide a safe space to share, talk through challenges and act as a sounding board. You give them that dedicated time they need to grow. You champion them, coach them, and push them to reach the best of their capabilities.”

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen over your time at Grayce? 

“Since I started at Grayce, the number of prestigious clients that we're partnered with has more than doubled. Although we’re constantly growing and evolving, we’ve retained a strong community feel and the big, growth ambitions we had when I joined Grayce in 2017. It’s such a holistic experience and there are so many opportunities available to you. Grayce is definitely what you make of it!”

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