Marking International Women’s Day 2019

Today we are celebrating women and honouring the remarkable roles women play in our societies.  

Grayce Analyst and Head of Content for the Grayce Women in Business Committee, Ana Sousa talks about why we mark this day. And how Grayce is supporting the education and development of women in business.

Today we commemorate the contributions of inspiring women all around the world that strived to build a more equitable society by securing women’s rights to speak, to vote, to income, to equality, to education and most importantly, to freedom. We celebrate those that paved the way towards our progress and fought to drive ‘womanhood’ to its current level.

Women have the power to create, nurture and transform, and this special day, dedicated to all women across the world, is a celebration of their contributions across all spheres of life and the power and struggles of those that broke all barriers to shape our future. Women are now actively present in politics, business, education, sports, social work, innovation, IT, but to name a few, and they have definitely left their marks.

Although various resolutions to protect women’s rights have been passed globally, there are still millions of women without a voice, struggling to secure their rights. Inequality and bias are still a constant presence, but despite the pessimism, the true essence of this day lies in recognising the power and rights of women and granting them the value they deserve.

And this is exactly what we are trying to achieve with Grayce’s ‘Women in Business’ initiative: to have a platform to celebrate equality and honour women for their contributions and the value they bring to the workplace. Our aim is to foster debates and enable a suitable environment to learn, so we can increase awareness and growth together as a community.

Knowledge is power, and because empowered individuals create and drive change, our approach is heavily focused on education and learning. We enable this by hosting regular events from top industry professionals on a wide variety of topics and enabling networking opportunities across all regions. We regularly share thought-provoking content from articles, news, studies, videos, podcasts and books in our newsletter and have started to host internal webinars on a wide variety of relevant topics, from career advice to mindfulness and personal branding. As an additional way to empower its people, Grayce also offers tailored learning courses on topics such as leadership, emotional intelligence, confidence and body language, to name a few.

All over the world International Women’s Day marks a very special day, not only to campaign, but to celebrate, support and motivate each woman to use their voice, their hands and their skills to help raise awareness to a more equal future.

Be the change you want to see.

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