Introducing our employee assistance programme

We're improving the Grayce experience with the introduction of an Employee Assistance Programme

Balancing the demands of work and daily life is challenging for everyone. That’s why it’s important to us that we’re creating an environment at Grayce that’s conducive to a healthy lifestyle. To help our Grayce Community achieve this balance, we’re thrilled to announce the introduction of an enhanced Employee Assistance Programme, in partnership with Health Assured. As of today, everyone in our Grayce Community will benefit from this confidential service that helps people deal with personal and professional problems that could be impacting their work and home life.

The introduction of Health Assured’s EAP is the latest step in our commitment to the wellbeing of the Grayce Community. We’re passionate about shaping future change leaders, so supporting the professional development of our Team has always been at the heart of what we do. And wellbeing is an equally important part of the experience that Grayce offer. We’re proud of the Development Programme, career coaching and accredited qualifications that we provide, but we recognise that there’s always more we can do.

We understand that mental health and wellbeing are a high priority for today’s emerging workforce. This was echoed in our Employee Engagement Survey. Our Community asked for better guidance on how to manage stress and other mental health concerns. We listened and in turn implemented our Employee Assistance Programme. Now that Grayce have over 170 Analysts based across the UK, along with a growing Management Team, introducing our EAP is another way for us to live by our values: We Care; We Deliver Excellence; We Succeed Together.

Alongside the support our Team receive from their managers and peers, Health Assured’s EAP provides access to counsellors, wellbeing advice and guides about personal and professional problems 24/7, 365 days a year. From tax support and tenancy concerns, to medical information and mental health support, we’re pleased to be able to offer specialised help for more concerns and challenges faced by our Community.

We hope that Health Assured will provide a more comprehensive care package for everyone at Grayce, from new starters to directors. Grayce Development Partner, Gemma Phipps says, “We genuinely do care about our people. We have a fantastic Community of talented professionals, and our partnership with Health Assured will mean we can leverage their specialist services to help care for our Community.” The experience Grayce offer is always evolving and the introduction of an Employee Assistance Programme is a significant step in its development. Introducing an EAP is a great way for us to better set the Grayce Community up for success. Whatever comes their way, we’re proud to provide comprehensive support to everyone throughout their Grayce journey.

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