Hello from Grayce’s Women in Business Initiative

As the boundaries facing women in business continue to be broken down, we are an initiative aiming to empower all Grayce Analysts to be a part of that change.

As the future generation of corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, it's our responsibility to tackle workplace inequality and smash the proverbial glass ceiling. This will only be achieved by focusing on ourselves, challenging our preconceptions and demanding change. The Grayce Women in Business (WiB) initiative provides a platform for debate and the opportunity to learn, so we can really rise together as a Community.

The WiB network spans all regions within Grayce and is open to all Analysts. We will be hosting at least one event within each region per quarter. These will focus on a wide range of topics from coding, AI, leadership and big data to gender politics and gender economics.

All the while, we will be supporting successful businesspersons and maintaining an equality focused narrative. These will be supplemented by webinars where we will discuss everything from personal branding to mindfulness and learn about the career journeys of some women in business that are right on our doorstep.

Our committee is made up of a number of Analysts from all stages of the Grayce Programme. But all with the same underlying passion for equality in business. They will be actively working within to provide all Grayce Analysts with the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

We will be providing cutting-edge content in our quarterly newsletter from articles, podcasts and book recommendations, to shining the spotlight on our regional events.

We hope that all Graycians will be inspired to empower yourself, engage with WiB and join us on this journey.

Be the change that you want to see.

The WiB Committee

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