Grayce celebrates 8 years in business

Happy Birthday Grayce!

Grayce turns eight this year and it’s been a busy but brilliant eight years developing the change leaders of the future.

Over the past eight years, we’ve seen Alumni move on to new opportunities and use Grayce to build their own teams. We’ve celebrated the extraordinary achievements of our people and built lasting relationships with our clients who are committed to supporting and developing emerging talent too.

We’ve been changing the way people think about emerging talent over the past eight years; here are 8 reasons why we’ve been shaking up the emerging talent market.

  1. We focus on the individual

As a business with purpose, we focus on the development of individuals, their career goals and aspirations. Treating everyone as individuals, rather than a number we’ve been able to help our people achieve their goals and help our clients access highly motivated and talented people.

  1. We provide a structured, yet tailored development programme

Learning and Development is the norm at Grayce and is truly embedded in our culture. We provide structured learning pathways, yet offer flexibility for our Analysts to shape their own development as they progress through their three-year Development Programme. This flexibility allows Analysts to build on the areas that interest them and develop skills that their clients need.

  1. We develop the skills that businesses need now

Grayce was established to provide businesses with an alternative talent solution, and to inject new talent in to change and transformation. Over the years, and with our unique Development Programme and service, we’ve been able to adapt to include additional talent solutions. Our solutions now include change and transformation, data analysis and next year we’re adding a new solution, Tech+ to our mix.

  1. We enhance our learning through our community initiatives

Grayce is unique in a number of ways, not least our active community who take their own learning and development seriously. We’re a bunch of inquisitive and curious people who are more than happy to share knowledge with our colleagues! Our community initiatives are led by our Analysts and designed to provide peer-to-peer learning and make sure that Grayce stays relevant and connected to client and market developments.

  1. We celebrate diversity of thought

Just as we treat everyone as an individual, we celebrate the differences that make us Grayce. Our EveryOneEmpowered initiative provides a platform for representation and way for us to celebrate diversity. Empowering voices within our community opens up new perspectives and helps us innovate, as we’ve seen through our thoughtlab innovation hub.

  1. We have developed a unique wraparound support model

Our wrap around support model is like no other. The Analyst coaching and mentoring is designed to stretch and support them, assuring high performance for our clients whilst ensuring our people feel they have the tools and support they need to succeed. Besides coaching and mentoring, our Analysts have access to 24/7 e-Learning platforms, best practice templates and guidance, professional L&D team, HR, regular Knowledge Exchanges, Communities of Practice, Webinars from industry experts, performance reviews and a range of CSR, Wellbeing and EDI initiatives to get involved in.

  1. We ensure quality is as standard, delivering excellence

Quality is an important benchmark for us, so that we can provide the best place for emerging talent to start their careers and provide the best solutions for our clients. Delivering excellence permeates through our recruitment processes, onboarding, ongoing development and support for Analysts and the service to our clients. We hold ourselves to high standards, and it’s why we have long lasting client relationships and a 53 point NPS score.

  1. We provide a way for businesses to build talent pipelines

Succession planning is sometimes a challenge for businesses, particularly where talent is in short supply. We’re investing in people and in industry by developing people with the skills businesses need, and by fostering this culture of continuous development, our clients will reap the benefits of using Grayce for years to come. Over 60% of our people join their clients permanently after graduating the Development Programme, giving our clients the talent pipeline they need to ensure succession and retain all important knowledge in teams.

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