Grayce and Doris Come together to further support the emerging workforce

Grayce and Doris come together to continue to tackle the digital skills gap and support the emerging workforce.

Today we announce exciting news, with the merger of two early talent consultancies, Grayce and Doris.

Grayce and Doris inevitably evoke images of two old friends. And it’s safe to say that as friends would share similar values, so do Grayce and Doris. Both companies complement each other in terms of their cultural alignment, diversity and capability. Today’s news further cements their commitment to early talent and building a workforce fit for the future, at a time when support for this demographic is needed more than ever.

Grayce and Doris will continue to operate independently in the short term with a shared vision to keep championing early talent and bolstering capability through the expertise of both management teams, so they can succeed together.

Both companies hire, train and develop early talent across IT and Business Change including business analysis, project management, data and software development services and are making a real impact on the digital skills gap. Together they will continue to employ local and UK wide talent, support a diverse client portfolio and provide in-demand skills for UK and international growth. Through the COVID-19 lockdown period, both companies have continued to trade robustly and will be even stronger together with ambitious future plans, bringing fantastic opportunities and choices for their teams.

Grayce was established almost 8 years ago and aims to be the best fast-track developer of top graduate talent, enabling improved diversity of thought and delivery in digital transformation, data and change. An ethical business providing meaningful opportunities for graduates, they have employed over 400 people, helping shape their careers and building a diverse community of transformation and change professionals. With over 50% growth in the past financial year, demand for talented, curious graduates with relevant skills is highly sought after.

Doris was founded by North-West based technology specialists Chris and Kath to create sustainable career opportunities for next generation talent enabling them to break into business and technology, supported and mentored by industry experts. Over the past 7 years, Doris has built a loyal customer base and reputation for delivery excellence, community and values and have employed over 175 people.

Geoff Smith, Grayce CEO says, ‘we’re delighted to be working with Doris, who share our values and a commitment to early talent. We are on a mission to help organisations witness the power of emerging top graduate talent and are extremely excited at being able to tap into Doris’s technology expertise to provide more choices to our Analysts and our Clients.’

Chris McHugh, Doris Managing Director and Co-Founder says, 'Kath and I set up Doris with one aim, to give our next generation talent the opportunities they deserve. Little did we know where that would take us all. We are delighted to join the Grayce team and excited to watch two successful businesses go from strength to strength together, providing an enhanced service for our customers and even more opportunity for our teams.'

Doris is joining the Literacy Capital portfolio which Grayce has been part of since 2018. Literacy Capital is an investment company focused on investing in and supporting small, growing UK businesses and helping their management teams to achieve long-term success.

Literacy Capital make annual charitable donations to advance the education of children in the United Kingdom. They are focused on promoting and supporting the development of children’s literacy. One charity that has benefitted from this support is Bookmark Reading Charity which helps children struggling with literacy and together we will continue to support more children increase their skills and reading ability to aspire to join the Grayce and Doris teams in the future.


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