Emerging graduate talent business, Grayce becomes a climate positive business after removing 664.38 tonnes of carbon

Grayce is delighted to announce they are officially a Climate Positive Business through their partnership with nature based, solutions provider, Earthly. Earthly connects Grayce to high-quality, nature-based solutions that support their ESG goals, working not only to balance their footprint but also to protect biodiversity and local communities too. During their Thoughtfest in November 2021, Grayce pledged on how they could make Grayce and the wider business a greener and more sustainable one. By doing so, it gives Grayce great delight nine months later to announce their Climate Positive status. This means that they purposely strive to remove more greenhouse gas emissions than they produce.

Reversing climate change is one of the most important challenges humans face today and Grayce are proud to be doing their part. So far, they’ve removed 664.38 tonnes of carbon. Grayce’s sustainability initiative plays a huge part in the company’s strategic direction. Abdiasis Ismail, Lead Project Analyst at Grayce says: ‘Businesses have a role alongside governments and climate activists to fight climate change. The recent heatwaves we’ve experienced in Europe have emphasised the need and urgency for immediate action. Grayce is a business that’s building the future workforce, today. Grayce’s climate positive status clearly demonstrates our commitment for a greener future.”

It has been suggested that Gen Z are more anxious than any other age group when it comes to environmental issues. In a study undertaken by one of the UK’s leading health insurance companies Bupa, in 2021, they found that 64% of 18-22-year-olds considered employers acting on environmental issues to be an important factor. Putting the environment first is a decision that comes naturally to Grayce. As a company, they are excited to be meeting their sustainability goals and are passionate about the businesses’ approach to the environment and the younger members of their community. Kate Davies, COO, at Grayce says: “It forms part of our deeper purpose whilst being important to our whole community at Grayce. It is critical for the next generation, as we look to attract and retain the best talent as part of our broader ESG strategy and we will be reinforcing this by following BCorp ways of working.”

What projects are Grayce investing in?

In order to achieve their net-zero goals, Grayce are investing in high quality projects that go beyond carbon offsetting.  Currently, Grayce have teamed up with Earthly to support the Rimba Raya Peatland Protection project, which is protecting one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world. Without the project, the Peatland forest of Rimba Raya would have been turned into palm oil estates, emitting over 100 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. The projects Grayce choose to support are carefully selected to align with their values that impact education and employment, as well as the other nature-based benefits and carbon offset. Oliver Bolton, CEO of Earthly, commented: “Connecting Grayce with Rimba Raya was the perfect match. Alongside protecting the peatlands, the project works to develop education and skills among the community; providing on-the-job training in enterprises like farming and giving people access to technology like drones, computers and generators. To date, the project has created 52 positions, directly hiring local villagers including 17 women.”

Grayce will continue to frequently review their ESG strategy and action feedback from their community on what more they can do. To learn more about Earthly and the impact of Grayce’s projects, click here.

About Grayce

Grayce is an emerging talent management consultancy. Since 2012, it has worked with businesses to place thousands of skilled graduate professionals with them, as demand for skilled professionals in change, data and tech continues to grow. The consultancy works with businesses to rethink their talent strategy, build long-term skills capabilities and deliver digital transformation and change.

Its Change+, Data+ and Tech+ Development Programmes are designed to equip graduates with the skills they need both now and for the future and to provide businesses with access to the very best, diverse talent for their assignments. For more information visit www.grayce.co.uk/ .

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