Working in information security at a market research institute

Grayce Analyst, Jovan Dhillon shares his experience working at a leading market research institute. 

My background

I graduated from Brunel University with a Bachelor of Science in international business with a placement year. I have been with Grayce for around 11 months now and have been fortunate to have worked with two completely different clients.

My first client was a mortgage lending company. I'm currently with my second client, which is a market research company, in which I'm fulfilling a hybrid role as a Project Analyst and as a Junior Project Manager within the information security department.

My digital assignment

The client I'm based at uses data and AI to gain customer insights into buying behaviour data achieved and gathered through panels. My work is to protect vital assets against hacker attacks.

I am currently assisting with two projects. One project consists of supporting the disablement / deletion of assets which the company no longer use, with the aim to reduce security attacks taking place on these assets.

The second project consists of migrating all the most valuable and essential assets behind a security protection tool. This aim of this is to add a layer of protection to stop against the most dangerous attacks a hacker may be able to perform.

My digital toolkit

Digital skills I use vary daily. From having to learn the different components which make up a digital implementation within the projects. Analysing data into graphs and tables, using advanced formulas on Excel to extract the most valuable information, conducting different tests to ensure the correct details revolving around assets are in place. To learning the heavily used agile tool, Jira, which manages the projects.

Advice to new Grayce Analysts

I would advise new Grayce Analysts to always be keen, eager to learn and open to new opportunities. I would also highly recommend studying in their spare time, especially in the areas which may not be apparent at first. This could be done by keeping a notebook close by to them so when they hear a new word or phrase, they can study that area.

Why Grayce

As I didn't come from a technical background, Grayce is the reason why now I am with a leading client who specialises in data. They have provided me with all the resources I need to excel in this position.


This article first appeared in the latest newsletter from the Grayce Digital Community of Practice.

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