Why start your career in change and transformation?

Grayce Analyst, Alex Field shares why he chose to pursue a career in change and transformation.

I have recently joined Grayce after spending four years at university studying Business and Economics. I am now due to join one of the Magic Circle legal firms as a Business Analyst, working within their information security sector. The question is - why is change and transformation a solid career for me?

Having enjoyed the analytical side of Business Studies when applied to a specific case, I developed a passion for Business and wanted to apply this at a higher level. I went on to study (BA) Business and Economics at the University of Manchester and subsequently specialised in Business Analysis and Strategic Management (MSc).

My ambition for a career in change and transformation emerged once I recognised how this industry aligned with my personal goals, values and professional development targets. My experience so far has highlighted several factors that underpin the nature of a change and transformation career path.

A dynamic industry

First and foremost, the nature of change and transformation sounds broad because it is. There are a variety of roles that underpin the change management process that Grayce provides for their clients. These include Project Management Officer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Data Analyst and Test Analyst. While I personally come from a business academic background, the skill set for these roles are highly transferable from a variety of degrees. As a result, the change and transformation industry benefits from a diverse pool of knowledge, techniques and talent. So, a career in business change does not have any specific pre-requisites.

Importantly, regardless of your role – the nature of change and transformation is highly dynamic. This requires flexibility in your day-to-day work and structure. This is because implementing organisational change often involves shifting requirements and expectations from the client. Therefore, the cliché that ‘no two days are the same’ is often very true in this industry. Change and transformation is an exciting career path for bright, enthusiastic and energetic individuals.

Hands-on experience

Additionally, a career in business change at Grayce provides commercial exposure and professional development immediately. The change management service applies to all industries and sectors, which means the client, industry, task and function of your role will vary throughout Grayce’s Development Programme. Further qualifications are gained through the Development Programme with a variety offered to Grayce Analysts, including APM and BCS.

Make a meaningful impact

Lastly, the bottom line in change management is about helping businesses achieve their goals and overcome issues they may be facing. A change and transformation career enables you to have a significant contribution and impact to organisations that play a role in supporting individuals, communities and economies globally. For this reason, a career in business change is highly rewarding. The business change world is highly dynamic with ever changing trends. Being a part of the solution for an organisation increases my desire to further my career in change and transformation

I look forward to the journey I will take over the next three years to develop my career in change and transformation!

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