Upskilling during my time on the Boost Bar

Senior Grayce Analyst, Jonathan Godfrey explains how leading the Boost Bar has helped him to upskill for his client assignments.

The majority of Analysts’ time at Grayce is spent on assignment with clients, often supporting digital transformation projects across Retail, FinTech & Tech, Insurance, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Legal Services. When there’s a short gap of a few weeks in between client assignments, Grayce Analysts join the Boost Bar. The Boost Bar is where Analysts support internal transformation projects at Grayce. They can collaborate with other Analysts and strengthen their digital and soft skill sets together. Here, Senior Grayce Analyst, Jonathan Godfrey shares his experience.

Recently, I joined the Boost Bar. I’d just left my first client where I’d really established myself and built a great reputation in the organisation. Having not been on the Boost Bar before, I wasn't sure what to expect. But genuinely, being on the Boost Bar has been a really enjoyable experience that’s great for self-development. Now I’ve reflected on my time there, these are the three key reasons I think it was so beneficial.

  1. Collaborating with other Analysts

The number one reason I enjoyed the Boost Bar so much has got to be the other Analysts. Grayce Analysts are outstanding community builders! It can be tricky to keep morale high in teams where the members are changing frequently, but because of our Analysts, staying in high spirits seems to happen naturally. Every day, no matter what was going on, we managed to have some fun.

Even when we had urgent deadlines and the team was under pressure, we pulled together and stayed really positive. We supported each other on some really complex tasks. Through this we were able to deliver on time and add real value to the business on some critical projects.

  1. Real opportunities to grow and learn

Boost Bar tasks have ranged from using Power Automate and Power BI, to Google Analytics, Web Scraping, and process mapping. None of the Analysts had used these tools before they joined the Boost Bar, so this was a great opportunity to upskill. In fact, one Analyst learnt PowerApps and VBA from scratch, which then helped to land them their next client assignment.

I’ve also built soft skills like stakeholder management, collaboration, working with ambiguity, adaptability, presentation and public speaking…the list could go on. The Team Leader of the Boost Bar will go out of their way to help you fill gaps in your skillset wherever possible.

  1. Completing training and qualifications

During my time on the Boost Bar, Analysts have completed their AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner, Cloud examinations and BCS Business Analysis Foundation. They’ve also learnt everything from Python, to Machine Learning, to how cybersecurity works via LinkedIn Learning. Personally, I’ve been able to complete LinkedIn Learning and project management qualifications that are going to set me up for success going into my next client role!

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