Supporting a simplification programme at a leading insurance organisation

Grayce Senior Consultant, Tessa Morgan, shares her experience working on a simplification programme in the insurance industry and working as a consultant within Grayce’s Change+ capability.  

Since joining Grayce in 2017 I have graduated through the Change+ development programme and have now stepped into the role of Senior Consultant. I have been working with a leading insurance organisation, a multinational general insurance company, as a Business Analyst since 2020, currently focussing on the Simplification Programme, which aims to improve working practices and create efficiency within the business.

Working on a simplification programme

My workstream looks at increasing productivity within operations and I have worked on and continue to work on several projects focussing on the implementation of SaaS (software as a service) into both the personal lines and commercial lines of the client’s business. These include process management technologies alongside analytics platforms. My role on these projects is to identify and engineer requirements following engagement with stakeholders to understand their processes, their barriers to success, and increase efficiency, whilst understanding the technological solutions that could support operational effectiveness. I work with a wide variety of stakeholders across the business- most recently within Commercial Lines- spanning specialist underwriters across multiple business classes, directors and SME leaders, and underwriting support services. This has allowed me to develop my soft skills and establish myself as an approachable, capable member of the team.

The Simplification Programme is instrumental to ensuring that the client is a long-term sustainable business that can continue serving both its Personal and Commercial customers. The programme consists of a wide variety of activity, looking at technology infrastructure improvements, productivity improvements, product improvements and HR-focussed innovation. One of my biggest personal achievements within this programme has been the successful implementation and roll-out of a project portfolio management platform, used across the entirety of the UK business.

I think that I bring to my client the ability to zone in on the detail whilst simultaneously being able to pay attention to the strategic view of the work at hand, and the associated technology. Being a Senior Consultant, I also get the opportunity to manage analysts on-site, and I can give a fresh approach to Grayce’s Delivery Manager role, ensuring our team feel supported and have the means to continuously self-develop. Working alongside these analysts at my client allows me to deeply understand the context of their work and support their development accordingly.

Working at Grayce

I love working for Grayce – it gave me the opportunity to explore and ultimately choose my career path, providing me with the support to build upon my personal strengths. The flexibility of the Grayce model – including the set-up of the consultant community – has allowed me to continue working with the business following the completion of the core 3 years of training, opening up opportunities as a Consultant, and now with my role as Senior Consultant. I was first attracted to Grayce following several years of industry experience in marketing and strategic change after university. I was keen to put structure against my professional development and explore the world of change. I have been able to significantly increase my skillset and specialise as a Business Analyst with several qualifications under the BCS as well as being a qualified Change Manager, Agile Project Manager and more. This role also means I am able to give back to those working for Grayce in the earlier stages of the Development Programmes through mentoring, on-site line management, subject-matter expertise, and supporting Grayce HQ on various initiatives including setting up the Wellness at Work initiative.

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