My graduate job at a global betting and gaming company

L1 Grayce Analyst, Hannah Tawn reflects on her first seven months at Grayce as part of the Change+ Development Programme

I joined Grayce in July 2021 as an Analyst on the Change+ Development Programme. After two days of onboarding training provided by Grayce, I was then placed at my client, a global betting and gaming company. 

In the seven months since I started on client site, I have been made accountable for a number of senior projects. Two of these fall within the compliance department – Risk Revitalisation and T&C Review. 

Risk Revitalisation was a project initiated to review the way my client currently handles risk and input a new system to effectively monitor and report on it. As I picked this project up at commencement, it allowed me freedom to structure the project in a way that would best enable stakeholder buy-in and collaboration.  

This project also required me to onboard a third party, allowing me to take on additional responsibilities, including: completing PPI checks, due diligence and handover into service documentation.

Unlike Risk Revitalisation, T&C Review was a historic project I was given. The ambition of this project was to re-write my clients T&C. For this project, we contacted SMEs for their input, and I conducted CSGs to ensure the new terms are precise and clear. 

Adding value from day one 

Both of these projects required me to quickly learn the project management tool used on client site, SmartSheet. In my role, I used SmartSheet to create interactive project plans and dashboard summary pages for relevant stakeholders. 

Alongside this, my first months on client site were key in developing my stakeholder engagement skills, as I refined my ability to effectively communicate with colleagues of every level. 

Due to the CEOs hands-on approach, I was also responsible for delivering bi-weekly and bi-monthly steering sessions to the Board. This meant I had to prepare high-level presentations and tailor the detail to suit the audience, another opportunity for me to build rapport with senior colleagues and directors. 

Role evolution 

Initially, I was brought onboard in a supportive role to the Business Change Manger. However, this quickly evolved into independent project management, and the opportunity to lead my own projects. My role evolution, in just seven months on client site, has helped me to develop the ability to be self-motivated and prioritise my time effectively, working towards meaningful deliverables.

Exceptional feedback 

Hannah has already gained exceptional feedback from one of her project sponsors. They said: “I know that Hannah joined the business quite early on in her career and there were initially a few areas where it was clear that she was inexperienced. However, I am astonished by her growth journey over the past few months! She controls meetings as though she has many more years worth of experience under her belt, and has no fear in holding very senior colleagues to account in her request for deadlines.  She is professional, succinct and well-organised. All I can say is that if this is her now, then it’s mind-blowing to imagine what she could achieve in the future!”

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