My experience applying for the Grayce graduate Development Programme

Grayce Analyst, Ben Bello shares his experience in the selection process for the Grayce graduate Development Programme.

Fresh out of university and wondering what career route to take, I decided on a career in business change because I felt it would align with my skills and interests. After deciding this was the route for me, I started my job search and came across the Grayce Development Programme.

The opportunity to work at multiple FTSE 100 and 250 companies and have a dedicated delivery manager to promote my personal growth attracted me, so I sent my application in!

After I’d applied, I was invited to the first stage interview via telephone. The interviewer was warm and friendly and asked me questions about my education, background and my knowledge of project management. I also had the opportunity to ask questions and further my understanding of Grayce.

My advice to anyone at this stage of the process is to research Grayce, find out as much as you can from the website and social media. I’d also prepare some questions to ask your interviewer so you can demonstrate your interest. And be yourself!

Perfecting the face to face interview

The next stage was a face to face interview, and mine was with  Client Partner, Miranda Di Rosa. At this stage of the process, you’re asked to prepare some materials. I created an Excel workbook to demonstrate my proficiency with the tool and created a presentation that showcased my experience, plus why I'd be a good fit for Grayce.

I got the opportunity to present this information, and then have a more formal interview. The interview was competency and value based. So my recommendation here would be to research competency-based questions and prepare examples using the STAR approach. This approach helps you describe the situation (S), the task in hand (T), the action you took (A) and the result (R).

It’s also useful to see how your values align with Grayce’s values, so that both parties can be sure it’s the right environment for you. The Development Programme and client experience is a unique proposition and after securing my place on the Development Programme, it’s clear how important the Grayce values are.

The final interview

My final face-to-face interview was with one of the Grayce Delivery Managers. Again, I answered some competency based questions, but also some behavioural questions too. The interview wasn’t as formal as the first face-to-face interview and I got some great insight on the company, and what being part of the Analyst Community is like. At the end of the process, I felt that the Grayce team wanted to get to know me as a person, rather than just who I was on paper which was really refreshing!

I was pleased to hear I was now complete in the process and that Grayce were looking for the client placement for me that would mean I could start the Development Programme. My first client introduction was with a FTSE 100 pharmaceutical company.

Grayce helped me prepare for this introduction by connecting me with Analysts already on placement at the client. I also went through a client briefing with the Delivery Manager who could talk me through the project I’d be involved in, key stakeholders and more. I also received a client briefing pack with useful information about the company and how they operate.

Client introduction

I was successful at this client introduction and began my placement with the client! I’ve since been able to pick up another assignment with a leading law firm. I’m really enjoying my first year on the Development Programme. My advice to anyone thinking of joining Grayce is to go for it! Throughout the process, and as an employee, I'm valued and get the opportunity to accelerate my career. What more could you want?

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