Meet our Test Analysts on assignment at a multinational tech corporation

Grayce L1 Tech+ Analysts, Nina and Nor, tell us all about working on one of their client’s largest projects to develop and implement a new application

Hi, we’re Nina and Nor, and we are both working as Test Analysts at a multinational tech corporation on one of their largest projects. The project involves developing and implementing a new application as the current system is outdated and being phased out. The new application will handle larger volumes of data at a faster pace, which is a critical requirement of the project. We are helping to implement a high-level testing strategy that includes various performance testing.

We use several testing tools and programming languages in our project, including Python and JMeter to create the test scripts; Gitlab for version control; Grafana for test metrics and analytics visualisation; Swagger UI to execute and monitor API requests; and other internal applications developed by the client. We also conduct all our work on Linux-based devices. Alongside training materials and sessions provided by the client, access to LinkedIn Learning and Udemy through Grayce has been very helpful in broadening our knowledge in performance testing and upskilling in the different test tools needed for the role. The Grayce Tech+ team have also been helpful in recommending various related courses to familiarise us with the testing tools used at our client assignment.

Hi, I’m Nor

I’m Nor on the Tech+ program and am currently at the end of my L1 going into L2. I come from a tech background and have always wanted to work in this field. Outside of work, I like watching movies and enjoy getting my steps in on park walks whenever the sun is out. 

I’m still fairly new to the Operational Acceptance Team and my current assignment, however, I’m looking forward to further embedding myself into the role and expanding my knowledge of the testing tools involved. 

My last assignment was at a multinational prarmaceutical and biotech company as part of the Application Support Team. My biggest achievement was being able to work with a team located across the globe with various time zones. It was initially challenging, as this was something new to me that I had to adapt to, however, I gained more confidence with experience working within this field.   

Grayce has provided the support I needed to thrive assignment. I am able to access all the required courses to succeed in my roles, and being part of the Tech+ program has been very helpful in exploring all the different, potential roles available in my career. Alongside all of the material, the support to develop and explore various routes at Grayce is available and easy to access.

Hi, I’m Nina

I’m an L1 Test Analyst on the Tech+ Development Programme, having joined following the completion of a Code Nation bootcamp through the Grayce Women in Tech scholarship. I love making artwork and enjoyed using technology when growing up, which inspired me to pursue a career in tech, allowing me to use my creativity and problem-solving skills to work on exciting projects.

I am currently on my first client assignment working within the Performance Testing team. My role involves configuring the test environment before executing and monitoring the tests. Another major responsibility is analysing the results after each test to determine whether or not the application we are testing is performing as expected, or if there are any bugs or issues. Despite having no prior experience in software testing, I have really enjoyed learning about the project scope and collaborating with my colleagues, who have provided several opportunities for me to develop my testing skills through work shadowing and detailed learning resources. As I am relatively new to the client and testing, I look forward to gaining more responsibility, running tests on my own with confidence, and growing within the team. 

Grayce continues to support me and my success on the client site. I keep in regular contact with my Delivery Manager, who has been very encouraging as we discuss my progress and resolve any issues I may be having with my development. Furthermore, the Grayce community is incredibly supportive, and I never hesitate to reach out to my fellow Analysts if I need any technical or moral support. 

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