Meet Escher, an Analytics Developer at a leading insurance specialist

L1 Grayce Analyst, Escher Luton shares her experience on client site as part of the Data+ programme. 

I have been a part of Grayce’s Data+ Development Programme for almost 9 months and am currently an Analytics Developer at a leading Insurance specialist.

Working within the BI Tooling Team, I am responsible for automation, creating data pipelines and applying data visualisation best practices.

Resolving client challenges 

My role mainly consists of automating current reports and creating new ones. Within the business, there are many time consuming, manual processes in place for creating reports. I work with the individuals on client site who are responsible for generating these reports to automate the process by creating a Data pipeline using tools such as SQL and Alteryx. I then use Tableau to create an interactive report whilst applying data visualisation best practices and showing more insights than they previously had. My role also entails managing BAU activities including resolving issues that have occurred in reports that are already published, i.e. the data pipeline may fail due to a change in the underlying data structure.

On the road to success 

Within the business we use a project management software called JIRA, tickets are assigned to people within the team and the progress is tracked. I have created a number of dashboards in Tableau using an API (to pull JIRA data) along with data cleaning processes in Alteryx, giving the delivery managers an overview of JIRA tickets. Delivery managers have provided some glowing feedback and now find it much easier to manage the project and identify common blockers, therefore, helping to reduce the time the project will take.

Continued development 

During my Grayce bootcamp we learnt how to use MySQL, a tool my client uses as their main database management system, allowing for a smooth transition. Grayce also prompted me to complete their DataQuest pathway to ensure my SQL skills were in great shape. Alteryx, a strategic data transformation and cleaning software, was new to me on joining my client, however, due to the learning I had done with Python, as part of my Grayce training, I could apply the same Data transformation and cleaning techniques within this new tool. The access Grayce provided to LinkedIn Learning meant I could complete online tutorials to quickly skill up in areas where my knowledge lacked.

Wraparound support 

The support I have received from Grayce and the Analyst community has made me really enjoy working on client site. My 1 to 1 support from my Delivery Manager has been key to my success, making sure I can discuss any issues whilst also ensuring I am developing skills in all the right areas. The Grayce Analyst community is there to support you as you begin quite a daunting experience. With monthly calls, office days and lunches, I have loved meeting and learning from like-minded people.

Clients are keen to get Grayce Analysts on board simply due to their strong work ethics and drive to excel. Grayce provides emerging talent that offers a fresh perspective to the workplace and with constant training, all Analysts are knowledgeable and adaptable to all situations.

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