Introducing our Learning & Development Team

We are passionate about developing the leaders of the future. Meet the L&D Team that are driving this Grayce mission.

Our Development Programmes are designed to shape graduates into future leaders by offering holistic training, hands-on project experience, career coaching and wellbeing support. The driving force behind our people’s professional progress is our passionate Learning & Development Team! Get to know our experienced, talented team… 

Shelley Perry – Learning & Development Business Partner 

“My role is to support our strategic goals through shaping and delivering our ‘Good to Great’ people strategy. I’m responsible for partnering business leaders and collaborating to design engaging learning and development solutions that meet individuals’ career aspirations and Grayce’s mission.  There is nothing like the feeling of supporting someone to reach their goals and potential. 

I really struggled to engage with learning when I was younger. It was hard to keep focused and take information in. I thought I hated learning until I started training people on how to complete practical work. But then I realised that adapting learning to how individuals learn best makes a huge difference. Learning doesn’t just have to be reading books or taking exams, it can be through a conversation or guiding someone through a task. 

My favourite moment at Grayce so far was meeting everyone in person at our Grayce Together event last October! It was an amazing evening and, after spending 18 months talking to everyone through a screen, it was brilliant to see people in real life!” 

Sarah Marshall – Learning & Development Programme Manager  

“I’m responsible for the L&D aspects of Change+, Data+ and Tech+. I lead our team of programme coaches. We want to continually improve our programmes to benefit our Analysts, HQ team and clients.

Growing up, we didn’t have much, and I quickly learnt that hard work and learning could improve the standard of living for me and my family.  Now with two degrees, several qualifications and training courses under my belt, everything I’ve learnt so far has allowed me to get the job of my dreams!

I love helping others to see their potential and to be the best they can be. We’re all learning all the time, and we have something to learn from everyone we meet. In fact, my favourite time of day is snuggling up with my two-year-old son to read a bedtime story – he’s a very cute bookworm – and teaches me lots too!” 

Zain Khalid – Data+ Programme Coach 

“My role is leading and developing the Data+ Programme, using my 10 years of experience working in the data industry to train the next generation of Data Analysts. I love meeting new people and helping them discover something that they are passionate about and wish to develop skills in.  

I enjoy passing on skills and knowledge that I have learnt on my own personal journey and find it really rewarding to see how someone’s confidence can grow when they are learning and developing their skills.  

My best moment at Grayce so far has been creating and delivering a brand-new internal training course on Data Visualisation and Power BI!” 

Theo Owusu-Nipah – Change+ Programme Coach 

“My role is to set Change+ Analysts up for success, focusing on Core Training, delivering training sessions for our business analysis course, and supporting the wider L&D team with the co-ordination of their work.  

I love L&D because of how it equips us with the expertise and skills to add value in real world settings, building the capabilities of our Analysts, and enabling them to be excellent representatives of Grayce in their client assignments.  

My best moment at Grayce so far was during my time as an Analyst. I delivered a business case advising my client as to the future strategy for their Project and Resource Management platform. It was a challenging task that allowed me to apply my learning and demonstrate resilience.” 

Jonathan Smee – Tech+ Programme Coach 

“I’m responsible for subject matter expert mentoring within the Tech+ Development Programme, supporting the development journey of the Analyst community. This involves delivering technical training interventions and providing hyper-care support to Analysts on client site. I absolutely love working with our Analysts as every single one of them leave me wonderstruck from their capabilities and seeing the amazing work they deliver in the tech space.

I’m also very lucky to work in an L&D Team that’s extremely supportive and that empowers me to make decisions to shape the Tech+ Development Programme.

My best moment at Grayce has to be when I was on client site. I successfully co-ordinated a ‘war room’ in the client’s Cyber Security Team which prevented over 100 users falling victim to an attempted ransomware attack. Despite being a high-pressure situation. it increased my confidence in cyber incident handling and my ability to lead.” 

Andy Hancock – Salesforce Programme Coach 

“I’m responsible for creating and delivering tailored training for our Analysts to become Salesforce System Admins, Developers and Consultants, whilst creating pathways to the various clouds within the Salesforce Solutions Family.  

My outlook on life is that every day is a school day! Learning and development give me the chance to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation and set them on the path to success.  

My best moment at Grayce so far would be having the opportunity to deliver face-to-face training to the first two Salesforce cohorts in London. Having all the Grayce Salesforce Team together created a great buzz!” 

Roisin Wherry – Data & Technology Specialist

“My current responsibilities include: building an enterprise solution model to incorporate potential future requirements like SAP, Oracle and AWS; data and technology upskilling across Grayce, such as supporting client teams to win new roles in data and tech; championing the Grayce brand in technology externally; and developing partnerships with like-minded organisations such as Code Nation.

When I left university, I felt like I was done with Learning and Development; I hated studying for exams and felt really burnt out. But in recent years, I recognised that I was still learning, just through less formal methods, such as networking events, speaking with colleagues, and working in my role day-to-day. The learning journey – particularly if you work in technology – never really ends if you want to stay relevant. I enjoy that L&D isn’t all exams and assessment, but can be done in whatever way fits your style!

Throughout my time at Grayce, I’ve loved going to networking events and learning from the speakers. Last March, I had the opportunity to put on a women in tech panel event for an external audience for International Women’s Day. Although facilitating the session was a daunting experience for me, it was incredible to run an event with a panel of women who inspired and motivated me, and even better to hear that it helped others who attended!”

Gemma Collins – HR Director 

“As HR Director, I’m on a mission to make Grayce a great place to work! My role involves everything people-orientated, building an environment where people can thrive and be their authentic selves. With this, I’m leading our ‘Good to Great’ people strategy.  

I always struggled at school and never enjoyed learning. It’s only been in my adult life that I’ve realised how important and fulfilling personal development is. As part of my mission, I want to make learning fun and accessible for everyone. I love social learning and believe this is a powerful way to continuously learn and develop.  

At Grayce, we’re incredibly lucky to have such a talented community of people and, as the world starts to return to a ‘new normal’, I’m looking forward to organising more in-person learning events, helping people to connect and develop together.” 

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