Grayce gains climate positive status for second year

Grayce is delighted to announce they are officially a Climate Positive Business for a second consecutive year, through their partnership with nature based solutions provider, Earthly.

Reversing climate change is one of the biggest challenges humans face today and Grayce is proud to be doing their part. So far, Grayce has removed 1202.38 tonnes of carbon and planted over 2100 trees.

Gemma Collins, Grayce’s ESG Lead said: Since the very beginning back when Grayce was formed in 2012, we’ve been committed to building a sustainable business. It forms part of our deeper purpose whilst being at the core of the Grayce community. We will continue as a business to do all we can in reinforcing a BCorp way of working and balancing our overall footprint.

Georgina Rosser, Sustainability Chair Analyst, added: “I’m very proud that Grayce has achieved its climate positive certification for the second consecutive year. This accomplishment demonstrates our commitment towards being advocates for sustainability within our sector, as well as making substantial progress towards realising Grayce’s longer-term ESG goals.

Together with Earthly, Grayce will be supporting a number of different projects, including ‘The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project’ which is protecting one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world. Rimba Raya protects over 640 square kilometres of High Conservation Value tropical peat forest, with over 350 million tonnes of carbon stored in their peat domes. As well as playing a huge role in climate mitigation, peatlands are home to rare organisms not found anywhere else. These organisms contribute to reducing floods, droughts and wildfires, which are all expected to increase as the climate changes.

You can monitor Grayce’s progress, though their Earthly dashboard which can be found here.

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