Driving process improvements at a leading investment manager

Grayce Analyst, Alexia Cross shares her experience as a Business Analyst at a leading investment manager

Supporting the Portfolio Management & Operations department

I joined Grayce in 2020 and I’ve been working at a leading investment manager, within the Portfolio Management & Operations department. I’ve also had an incredible opportunity to work with other Grayce Analysts across the Corporate Functions Technology area in process mapping work. This assignment was to ensure the client’s processes were fully mapped and understood. My work will act as a blueprint for future process mapping and drive overall process efficiency.

A key part of my day is a stand-up meeting with the team members in Portfolio Management and Operations, and later on a stand-up with the other Grayce Analysts based at my client. To develop the process maps, I use Visio and PowerPoint. I often collaborate with senior stakeholders across the Corporate Functions Technology area who have a deep understanding of the department I operate in to inform my process maps.

Bringing diversity of thought to investment managers

Working within Data and Business Analysis roles, it’s useful that I’m a very analytical person. I’m also adaptable which has been very valuable during COVID-19 lockdowns. Adapting to remoting working and embracing the best of my colleagues’ techniques has been a great learning experience. Completing tasks to the best of my ability is very important to me. Wherever and with whoever I find myself working, I always strive to do the best I can and take great pride in my work.

From my conversations with senior stakeholders, I understand that my client uses Grayce because they know that Grayce Analysts will be smart, dedicated and provide high-quality work without fail. Grayce Analysts come from a whole range of backgrounds, but all of us are united by a drive to deliver excellence. Going forward, I’m keen to collaborate with more Grayce Analysts, especially to benefit from their advice and guidance.

Grayce Community

For me, it’s all about the training Grayce provide. I’m someone who is happy going to bed at night knowing I’ve improved compared to the previous day. The focus on Agile training in particular is something I really appreciate as the current job market has been shifting in favour of Agile methodology.

I love how supportive the Grayce community is, working together to overcome challenges and capitalise on our strengths. Grayce is a wonderful company, somewhere I'm very proud to work. The training, the diverse graduate community, and the opportunity to work with a wide range of prestigious companies allows anyone to truly kick-off their career with an amazing start!

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