Codebar Workshop

Grayce Codebar Workshop 21.03.2023

Grayce will be once again opening their Manchester HQ doors for another Codebar workshop, on Tuesday 21st March.

These workshops are designed to provide a supportive learning environment for people from underrepresented backgrounds in tech, allowing them to develop their programming skill in a safe and collaborative environment. People with a range of abilities are welcome and no prior experience is required, enabling people from minority groups fair and equal opportunities.

The workshops provide participants with the chance to meet other people and network with those working in similar industries,  allowing participants to gain insights into other people’s career pathways. Both learners and coaches can participate in the workshops. For coaches, it provides an opportunity to develop valuable skill sets including coaching, developmental and problem solving skills, which are key if you are aspiring to move into both leadership and management roles. Subsequently, it will provide learners with an insight into the skill sets required to be  a software developer, including coding support, in addition to guidance on the pathways into tech.

Roisin Wherry, Data and MI Specialist at Grayce says: "Having attended Codebar as both a learner and a coach, I am incredibly proud of the support we are now able to give them. I am sure that without the help and guidance of initiatives like these, I would not have been able to secure my first software development position; and the opportunity to return as a coach has enabled me to develop the skills to become a coach and mentor at Grayce."

You can find out more on how to register for the event here.

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