Working as a Business Analyst in banking after the Grayce Development Programme

Grayce Alumnus, Will Thomas talks about his career since transitioning from the Development Programme into a permanent role in banking.

What I’m working on now

Prior to my Permanent move to TSB, I was working on the bank’s Migration Programme as a Project Manager. This programme was concerned with the preparation and implementation of a brand-new banking platform and support systems across the whole organisation. It's currently the largest full IT systems migration ever undertaken by a European bank.

Since the switch flipped at the end of April, I have moved into a new team that has been set up to support front line partners with any bugs they are experiencing, and to also provide control around the raising of verified system defects.

It is the latter function that occupies much of my time, with a lot of attention given to how many defects are being raised with IT and how these are prioritised. The work itself is very dynamic, with requirements for reporting changing regularly, and quick thinking required to determine the next course of action. Because of this, I need to use a combination of PM, BA and PMO skills.

Due to the high-profile nature of the change programme and the challenges faced on delivery, it certainly keeps the pressure on! It must be said however, that the experience I'm gaining is pretty invaluable.

As the kinks get worked out over the next few months, I will then move in to my primary role as a Business Analyst, working in the new Agile framework as the key link between the project and solution delivery teams. I’m really looking forward to moving into the Agile space, as I feel the open communication lines suit my working and personality style perfectly.

How Grayce has helped shape my career plans

My immediate career goal is to gain BA experience within an Agile organisation, with a view to specialise in digital projects down the line. It’s safe to say I would not be this far along in my change career without Grayce! Particularly without the level of opportunity afforded to me when I first started out as a fledgling PM only two years ago. The collective experience within the organisation is fantastic. And you will always find someone who can provide you with guidance on anything across the change discipline.

For me personally, it was the monthly review process that I found most helpful in forging a career plan, where the why do you want to do this was interrogated just as much as the what do you want to do. By maintaining a focus on what gave me professional motivation and satisfaction (in my case seeing a direct correlation between my efforts and the success of a project), my delivery manager and I were able to mutually determine a suitable target and the steps needed to get there.

If there was one bit of advice I could impart on current Grayce Analysts, it would be to always treat your development as a two-way street. Rather than waiting for the path to be revealed to you, always seek out opportunities to learn and try new things. And never lose sight of what gives you satisfaction in your work. I like to remember the phrase: 'A comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing ever grows there'.

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