Why you should launch your change career with Grayce

Find out how our Development Programme can kickstart your career

A recent Grayce Alumnus explains how Grayce has offered him a change career launch pad and how his time in the Development Programme helped him graduate to a Business Analyst role with a leading Pensions and Insurance organisation.

Deciding what to do after university

Joining a company after university can be a tricky decision to make. Which company should you choose? What role could you go for? What training and development opportunities are on offer? Can you find a role where you are stretched and able to reach potential? These are all valid questions and having recently graduated from the three-year Grayce Development Programme here’s what you can expect and why I’d highly recommend Grayce as a company to launch your career.

Specialising in change and transformation, my time with Grayce was with two leading financial institutions. Throughout my time with Grayce, I was delivering change which was fundamental to my clients being able to achieve their strategic vision. I was parachuted into projects and programmes delivering change that impacts the whole company – which you could argue is not your typical graduate job. This is fundamental to Grayce. Offering first-class experience, completing work which is really valued by clients.

Being in the change environment, the work is varied with no two days the same, and you’ll often progress onto different types of change within the organisation. You will be working with other change professionals who may have five to ten years more experience, so it’s also a great opportunity to learn from experienced professionals every day.

You may wonder how you will be able to develop as a specialist business change professional and this is where the Grayce Development Programme supports you. The Grayce Development Programme supports your progress and complements the work you do with clients. The Programme is comprehensive and covers both the technical knowledge and soft skills such as how to be an effective change professional.

Reach your potential

When you join there are some compulsory training sessions which give you a solid foundation of knowledge which you can use on-site with clients. In years two and three you can tailor your plan and align the content to your interests, development areas and career goals.

In addition to the development programme there is a really good support network. Grayce has a number of clients around the UK. You develop a really strong relationship with the other analysts and can act as a solid group of go-to people especially when you’re new to site.

Alongside peer to peer support is the support network provided by the Grayce Management Team. You’ll have frequent meetings with your Delivery Manager who can guide you through any work-related queries on-site and support you as you progress through the Development Programme.

Your change career launchpad

So Grayce can offer you work and a development programme but what does this all mean? Well, it's a great launchpad for your career.

What you’ll leave Grayce with is a tremendous amount of first-class change management experience that will enable you to accelerate your career in change. Having worked with other change professionals, you won’t have realised how much knowledge and experience you’ll have ascertained during the three years and this puts you in a great position for taking the next step beyond Grayce.

Whilst life after Grayce is another step into the unknown, Grayce will fully support you through the process. A true testament to the supportive and collaborative culture at Grayce was being able to have these conversations and discuss opportunities and career paths with my Delivery Manager.

If I had to sum up my time with Grayce I would say it is a fantastic opportunity to work with leading companies with a development programme focussed on you become an effective change professional that will set you up for a successful career.

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