What’s the real cost of change?

The traditional change delivery model is broken - we know there is a better way.

Many organisations have become over-reliant on expensive contract resource. This massively impacts their own change budgets, sustainability and knowledge retention.

This traditional model has created a niche environment of opportunity for contractors. They're able to gain experience at some of the UK’s leading organisations. But their high day rates eat away at change budgets and impact the way change is delivered.

With no succession plans, a knowledge gap and variable quality of change delivery, what's the real cost of change?

Traditional transformation vs. digital evolution

Transformation used to be treated as one off pieces of work, over a limited duration with defined outcomes. In today’s change and transformation world, the landscape looks radically different. Organisations are looking to retain their competitive edge, offer more efficiencies and embed technology. It's no longer business change, but digital evolution.

Organisations are looking to deliver more and more every day. But the way change is delivered hasn’t caught up with the new requirements of organisations.

The traditional change delivery model is broken

Traditionally, organisation look to consultancies and contractors to deliver change. This has created a perfect storm in organisations where the total cost of change is seen as too expensive. But the need is ever-increasing.

Relying on external resources to deliver change has created a sustainability issue, and a lack of capability in change functions across major industries. With no succession plans, organisations are left weakened once a programme closes. Contractors depart the business, taking the valuable insight, skills and lessons learnt with them.

The supply chain is rife with CV chasers looking to place people for the short term. Without applying the long-term thinking organisations need in order to stay competitive. Now, more than ever, businesses need to be agile enough to keep up with successful and emerging companies. Organisations that challenge the norm, are quicker to harness technology and shift business models, result in unprecedented growth.

In 2012, we recognised that the traditional change delivery model was broken. It was time to do things in a different way.

A new way to delivery change

The Grayce model has 5 key features:

  • Outstanding calibre of Analyst. Mature, focused, intelligent, and technically savvy. A high academic achiever with the right professional competences and attributes.
  • Unparalleled Development Programme which enhances and Analysts’ capability over three years.
  • Service assurance, operated by professionals with a wealth of consultancy and people development experience. This ensure Analysts perform against your expectations.
  • Flexible engagement model so you can gain Analyst capability around specific projects or to build a sustainable talent pipeline.
  • Cost-effective solution, with a pricing model which delivers significant savings compared to traditional contractor rates.

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