The importance of diversity and inclusion in AI and Machine Learning

The importance of diversity and inclusion in AI and Machine Learning 

The role of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular in everyday life. So much so, that the AI market size is set to grow from USD 86.9 billion in 2022 to 407 billion USD by 2027 according to a recent report. Both AI and ML work by learning from datasets, originally created with human input, which makes it concerning to hear that there is a lack of diversity amongst programmers and data professionals. In order to gain effectiveness across populations, it is essential that companies build a workforce that reflects the real diversity of society in order to teach technology fair and diverse algorithms.  

The emerging workforce is the optimum place to start when it comes to inclusivity and diversity. These individuals pride themselves on open-mindedness when it comes to fresh ideas, experience in different backgrounds and a passion to learn. Grayce harnesses this passion, and their development programmes solidify the idea that you do not have to possess a tech or data degree to be an asset in a tech and data company or role. Instead, Grayce’s hire, train and deploy model nurtures individuals with soft skills and educates them with the hard skills and experience to bridge the gap in clients' businesses. These individuals bring a wealth of variety in terms of backgrounds and consequently benefit organisations with a diversity of thought and a hunger to learn. 

Last year Grayce partnered with growing data and digital consultancy, Collaboraite who work closely with both artificial intelligence and machine learning to help support digital transformation. Grayce analysts had the opportunity to take part in a machine learning project with Collaboraite, in which analysts were reviewing, labelling, and reporting on vast data sets of text, emojis and sentences to teach algorithms how to identify certain topics, traits and platforms. “Diversity in projects like this is important as it is vital to ensure a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds and influences on the AI, which we wouldn’t necessarily achieve with an non-diverse team behind the scenes.’ says Emma Villaverde, Project Analyst at Grayce. Grayce Analysts, such as Emma, are vital for AI and Machine Learning teams in order to teach technology fair and diverse algorithms. AI systems are built on learning from data and if the data is misconceived or skewed as per the view of the person, it can have huge consequences. Therefore, diversity holds great importance in order to make accurate decisions for the future of businesses. The partnership between Grayce and Collaboraite allows Grayce’s analysts to gain valuable experience working on the job in a data environment under highly experienced leaders. Whilst Collaboraite can gain a wealth of fresh and diverse talent in their business to help deliver their business goals. 

If you are interested in how Grayce’s talent attraction and development programme can support your emerging talent ambitions, get in touch today. Our focus on developing diverse and inquisitive analysts to meet these constantly changing needs reduces risk and improves project delivery. 

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