Supporting digital Innovation at a magic circle law firm

Grayce Analyst, Jack Brears shares insights on digital transformation at a magic circle law firm.

I have been with Grayce since April 2019. I’m currently on assignment at a magic circle law firm, working in their Global Technology & Innovation division. It’s a large area of the business that is currently mid-way through a firm-wide digital transformation. Since starting there, I’ve had a number of roles and worked on a number of different projects – in areas such as knowledge management, innovation and the IT management office.

Global technology & innovation

My role is equally split between change, comms, resourcing and portfolio management. When all of these things come together, I am supporting the digital transformation programme as a whole. Digital adoption is a change initiative that I’ve been particularly involved in over recent months and this has meant working with stakeholders across the business (partners, associates, counsel, senior directors) to encourage the adoption of our latest technology. Much of my change work is data-driven, requiring an eye for detail and analytics. Programmes such as Power BI, SPSS and Excel are huge enablers for that.

My client has made the decision to transform its business with technology. When large organisations are undergoing complex change, adoption of that change cannot be implicit. I support the business to adopt the technology that IT teams provide, ultimately resulting in their people working smarter not harder.

Great minds don't think alike

The law firm has always approached innovation with creativity. It’s that element of ‘cognitive diversity’ that makes innovation possible. Personally, I approach problems with a data-driven mindset. For me, the biggest challenge so far on client site was getting to grips with technical terminology and IT-talk. I come from a clinical and research background in Psychology and, although I’ve always had a technical mindset, have never delved into the world of IT change. The key to successful innovation is to have the right mix of diverse skillsets, ideas and creativity of thought in the team – great minds don’t think alike!

Organising TechFest

My biggest achievement on client site so far was co-ordinating TechFest, a week of virtual sessions focused on the client's technology. This event attracted the support of over 800 people across the business and was a great opportunity for me to start working with colleagues in other regions. It was also part of our digital adoption initiative, which is now an integral aspect of the digital transformation strategy.

Why Grayce

Graduates always have something to offer. Although we might not be the most experienced professionals, we are low-cost, learn fast and work hard. Our clients know that Grayce will support their Analysts with training and development and for more senior Analysts, they are often already coming to the client with commercial experience of one or more different sectors – which is invaluable.

Grayce gives graduates a foot in the door. In the current climate, many graduates are concerned about finding a job after university. For those graduates that are already in jobs, many will be concerned about their career development and future opportunities as the economy grinds to a halt. These concerns may be temporary, but Grayce continues to provide a strong foundation for young professionals to build their career.

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