Supporting a COVID-19 programme at a leading insurance organisation

Grayce Analysts share their experience working on a COVID-19 programme at a leading insurance organisation. 

Grayce Analysts, Chris Sixsmith, Abigail Triggs and Sama Wahbi have been working together on a COVID-19 programme for their leading insurance client. Here they share how they've supported the client's pandemic efforts and their key takeaways from the programme.

COVID-19 programme

The COVID-19 programme they have worked on revolved around extending support to customers who are affected by COVID-19 and ensuring the client adjusted their services to identify and help customers in need. Chris and Abi worked on the programme as Business Analysts, in two different workstreams, whereas Sama provided support as a Project Analyst.

Chris explains: “The project was key as it drove the company response to the current COVID-19 situation and how we support our customers from an affordability perspective. Making sure we offer the best possible service to guide them through this period and also adapting our business operations and systems efficiently and effectively to incorporate these new working patterns and deliverables we have created.”

No two days were the same

All three analysts played a key role in ensuring the COVID-19 customer focused principles and scenarios were progressed, documented and approved – in their individual fields. This involved facilitating workshops with key stakeholders and obtaining their buy-in and sign-off, managing stakeholder expectations and remaining attentive to detail. Sama highlights that “COVID-19 disrupted business operations to the point where no two days were the same and surprises were the new normal.”

Although all three analysts worked on different aspects of the programme, they were in regular communication with each other as all roles and responsibilities were inevitably interlinked. At the client site, the Analysts used ‘Lync’ messenger which enabled them to have frequent communication with each other on their assignments but also to have a quick chat to see how they were (particularly during the pandemic). Chris reflects that Lync has been his “lifesaver particularly in lockdown, as it’s been the only way I was able to stay in contact with client and Grayce colleagues.”

Key takeaways

The achievements and experience gained through the programme outweighed the challenges faced. All three analysts were exposed to various aspects of the client’s business operations, resulting in enhanced knowledge and building a strong rapport with business leads and executives. Further, considerable knowledge has been gained in terms of customer impacts – a key consideration for any project impacting customers. Abi reflects on the top three skills needed for the project and explains “Adaptability has been one of the most important skills I have been able to provide over this period, from being taken off a project one day and having to adapt to a completely new programme the next, throwing myself into any task required to move forward at pace.”

Supporting each other to succeed

Grayce has played a pivotal role in supporting and guiding the Analysts through this unique period – fellow Graycians especially. The team said: “The Grayce community on client site has been really valuable to me over this period. When taking on new roles, it has been great to be able to reach out to more experienced Grayce Analysts to get their advice on my planned approach to something or any queries I have, they have always been so willing to help and support.”

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