Kickstarting my Software Development career with Grayce

L1 Grayce Analyst, Matthew Lock reflects on his time as a iOS Engineer as part of Grayce’s Tech+ Development Programme.

I joined Grayce in May 2021 on the Tech+ Development Programme and was soon placed with my client, a UK-based Betting and Gaming company. 

As an iOS Engineer, operating within the Customer Tech and Product tribe, I was part of a team tasked with building a native Software Development Kit which would be used across all consumers.

My team worked collaboratively towards a central goal of creating a better overall user experience on iOS and ensuring the company complied with all regulations. To combat the challenges my client faced, we built out a framework that included the latest authorisation and authentication technology and rolled this out to all consumers on iOS devices.

Across the project we used a variety of tools, programming languages, and methodologies. For iOS development we used Swift and XCode, and when looking at CI/CD we focused on the use of Jenkins and Bitbucket to help with version control. My client supported me with education and training through coaching sessions as I learnt how to use these new tools and I also used Udemy courses through Grayce to further my learning and help navigate the software with confidence. 

Wrap-around support 

Grayce’s support throughout my time on client site led to my success. Having a close relationship with my Delivery Manager during my first few weeks ensured my study plan was in place, I was settled, and was set-up for personal development.

When I started my role, I kept in regular contact with my Delivery Manager and she was a big help in alleviating any concerns to do with imposter syndrome, as well as providing guidance and advice on transitioning into my first Software Engineering role.  

As well as my technical training, Grayce provided training for soft skills development through daily workshops. Here, I learnt more about my own communication style and how to adapt my approach towards others. I believe soft skills are highly underrated in the Software Engineering field, they can really help improve your team-working skills and make it easier to explain concepts to non-technical individuals.

Finally, within my Tech+ Orientation Week, I was provided a great opportunity to get to know other Analysts, along with expanding my knowledge of the entire tech industry and how I might want to shape my career going forward.  

Boost bar development 

Following on from my time on client site, I joined Grayce’s Boost Bar. Here, I was provided with interesting tasks and projects to support the wider Grayce HQ team. Examples include creating a desk booking systems in compliance with previous social distancing regulations, and currently I’m creating a centralised feedback system for Analysts to store and gather feedback for any project or tasks they feel they have excelled in. 

My time on the Boost Bar has allowed me to also work on my study plan and I have taken full advantage of this including using my knowledge and improved skills on my own personal coding projects.

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