Is your business prepared for the rapid adoption of data transformation?

Is your business prepared for the rapid adoption of data transformation? 

Our clients are finding that their work stacks require a blend of both technical and soft skills more often than ever before. They’re telling us that it is no longer enough to have brilliant data skills or confident change management skills and instead they require a blend of both backgrounds. 

In addition to this, clients are asking for data skills to be augmented by an awareness of ethics considerations, strong governance controls, and a regulatory background which vary according to industry sector. 

Ethics are especially important in AI and ML in terms of avoiding bias when models are trained. It is essential that ethics considerations are involved from the point of data collection and whenever data is processed after that. This includes every time data is shared within an organisation or with external partners. A UK government report found that 84% of employers considered data ethics skills to be very or somewhat important to their company but only 67% of them considered that their companies were performing very or somewhat well in data ethics. 

Data governance rules are also a factor clients are becoming more and more aware of. Having knowledge on when data can be safely shared and when it should not be shared are both incredibly important. Building this awareness into your emerging talent reduces risk and means that future security lapses are less likely. Security is no longer an afterthought; it becomes part of your culture. 

The UK government report mentioned above tried to quantify the data skills gap. It describes ‘soft data skills’ to include project management, an analytical mindset, creativity and leadership. Of these skills, which over 70% of employers deemed very or somewhat important, the survey found that there were significant gaps to where both employers and staff thought they needed to be performing. 

The Grayce model is designed to find and develop people who can operate change and data. The most successful graduates in the years ahead will have a hybrid of business-aware and data-savvy skills. 

One of the ways Grayce can benefit you is by complementing your in-house training with our own development programme, which is constantly evolving to adapt to changes in the market. Grayce includes data governance as part of our standard programme and can add regulatory modules to support specific sectors. 

Please get in touch to understand how Grayce’s talent attraction and development programme can support your emerging talent ambitions. Our focus on developing analysts to meet these constantly changing needs reduces risk and improves project delivery.

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