How to find the best graduate talent

Before you can hire the ‘best’, you need to know what the best graduate talent looks like.

The graduate market is booming. Employers want to find capable young professionals to boost their businesses. At Grayce, we look for the best in graduate talent to join our three-year Development Programme.

Since launching in 2012, we have seen over 400 people go through our graduate programme and inject fresh capability into the change management industry. During this time, we’ve seen big differences in the way that talent is attracted through recruitment practices. But we've remained true to our core beliefs on what the best graduate talent looks like. We search for people who complement our values so we can maintain the excellence service we’re known for.

Smart: we have the capability and skills

When we look for Analysts to join our programme, we require proven academic excellence. Every Grayce Analysts achieved a 2:1 or above. This strong academic record means that our people have demonstrated an aptitude for learning.

The Development Programme offers professional change qualifications and on-site client experience, meaning that the learning curve for Analysts can be steep. Candidates applying to the programme must be able to keep up with the pace of learning and demonstrate the drive to succeed.

Specialist: we possess the right attributes

We challenge and probe candidates at each stage of our selection process. We work to understand whether a candidate is resilient, flexible, proactive and will be a contributing team member. This can be demonstrated through their previous work experience or through their extra curricular activities.

Our Project Analysts are adaptable, responsive and hardworking from day one. They always go the extra mile. Our Development Programme focuses on self-development and training. So we look for people who have self-discipline and are inquisitive to learn new things.

Sustainable: we look for those interested in a career in change

To have a sustainable talent pipeline requires finding graduates who have a keen interest in starting a career in change. We are passionate about finding and nurturing talent through our Development Programme.

We are actively promoting change as a profession of choice for graduates beginning their careers. This means we are providing a robust and steady change talent pipeline for UK organisations.

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