Data Engineer graduate job at an investment manager – my experience

Grayce Analyst, Eliza Dickie shares what her graduate job as Data Engineer at a leading investment manager is like.

Currently, I'm a Data Engineer in the Chief Data Office at a leading investment manager. Using Agile methodology, I'm working across data architecture, data engineering, data science, data visualisation, data management, and data governance.

Establishing a Chief Data Office

The Chief Data Office at my client has been formed within the last year and I'm supporting various projects at the company. These include setting up a data lab and engaging stakeholders across the business. I'm also gathering the requirements to ensure we're adding value to the business and improving the remuneration process of employees. My assignment is important to help make the Chief Data Office a success. I'm setting the groundwork for some data science projects in areas such as customer analytics and predictions.

Data skills for my graduate role

Before starting my client placement, I completed training in Power BI, SQL, Agile Cloud, Azure and SharePoint. My knowledge of data science, machine learning and Python has been very helpful for producing models.

I've continued to learn from data experts with years of experience on client site. A key success of mine has been being able to help them in their projects, alongside producing detailed documents about how to upload data onto the cloud, including encryption.

How investment managers are leveraging data

My client is currently investing heavily in data. They know that data-driven decisions are vital for a successful, competitive business in the market. One particularly interesting project my client is working on is using data science to predict if investments will be carbon neutral, to make my client's investment more sustainable.

Supportive graduate network

The Grayce community on client site is incredibly supportive and friendly! I really value the Women in Tech community here at Grayce. It's great to have other women to connect with who are also working in a male-dominated industry.

We have over 40 Analysts who regularly have virtual socials and knowledge exchanges. Here, Analysts learn about each other's projects and get tips and advice from people who are doing similar work.

How to make a big impact on client site

Continuous learning and development are key! I've used this placement to learn as much as possible and be as helpful as possible. I've met so many interesting people already by setting up introductions across my client. This expands my network and increases my knowledge of data engineering and data science. It's also important to give back and support other graduate Analysts joining the programme with their transition to working in investment management.

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