Cognitive athleticism: A disruptive perspective of the future of talent

We believe that hard skills aren’t the whole answer to the skills gap. Hiring for competencies and attributes that demonstrate cognitive athleticism should be considered an integral part of any talent strategy. It’s never been more relevant, particularly for the next generation of talent entering the workforce right now.

The journey into the working world for young people who have graduated in the pandemic era has been anything but traditional, forgoing the cap and gown to be in government-enforced isolation at home, and job hunting in an entirely digital environment. This swift shedding of the traditional is indicative of what Gen Z, and the future generations to follow, can expect from their careers. As they witness the factory model breaking before their eyes, how can we embrace the emerging workforce and set them up for success?

Futurist Ade McCormack shares why organisations such as Google, Apple and Microsoft embrace a person-centric talent strategy. Discover more about cognitive athleticism and how we best embed this into business.

Check our whitepaper here.

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