A day in the life of a Data Analyst in retail

L1 Grayce Analyst, Bethany Davies shares her experience on client site as part of the Data+ programme. 

Hi, I’m Bethany Davies and I’ve been a Data+ Analyst at Grayce for 7 months. After completing Grayce’s Data+ Bootcamp, I joined my current client, a shoe retailer, where I am currently a BI Analyst. No two days ever feel the same as the requirements for projects change and my role evolves. If I was to describe a typical day, I start with importing data from the prior day into SQL before updating the dashboards I manage in Power BI and Excel. I then handle requests that can come from across departments and range from creating KPI dashboards in Power BI to SQL queries. 

Driving innovation 

As part of my role, I have co-developed a data dictionary that breaks down and simplifies all data they use. This enables the client to look up and understand the content of data tables whilst reducing replica outputs from being created, as the user can now see if their requirement exists, therefore increasing efficiency. Being relatively new to the data world, I was initially less familiar with the different tables and had a fresh perspective compared to my team. The consequent research I undertook, alongside the fact that I had no prior unconscious assumptions about common knowledge, informed the accessibility of the dictionary and ensured that it was accessible to those with no prior knowledge. 

What I've learnt 

During my time as a BI Analyst, I’ve found that I bring inquisitiveness, determination, and adaptability to my client across all my role requirements. My confidence and efficiency in solving data problems are constantly developing; it’s a matter of asking the right questions, understanding where data is coming from and where it needs to go, sticking with the problem until you find a solution, consulting the appropriate people, and being able to adapt as requirements evolve. 

Future goals 

I’ve loved my time at Grayce for the same reason clients choose us: the company and the people embody the Grayce values. I look forward to further developing my technical and soft skills and continuing to develop on assignment. I am always reassured that Grayce and the Analyst community are there to support me. 

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