5 ways hybrid change professionals can help your business

We discuss the 5 ways that multi-skilled hybrid change professionals can help your business.

Cross-skilling people is not a new concept, but here we discuss the reasons why it can make a big impact in change delivery.

1. Flexibility

If you look at bringing multi-skilled people into an organisation, you have the flexibility to respond to change requirements, and have the skills you need to deliver. In the change space, wouldn’t it be great to have Project Management, Business Analysis and PMO support when you need it?

2. Decreases risk

The risk of key man dependencies is reduced by having a number of people able to perform similar tasks and duties. Should you have a situation where you lose a valuable team member, having multi-skilled people identified in succession planning will help minimise the risk.

3. Learn once, learn again

It seems quite obvious, but if you have a team of people with a proven ability to learn new skills, there’s a likelihood they will be able to do it again. People wanting to progress will always be open to learning. Handy if your business needs shift and new skills are required to deliver change.

4. Helps with framework

Multi-skilled change people have a better understanding of all the components involved in business processes and operations. Being able to flex and perform other duties helps teams perform as teams.

5. Focuses on shared goals

If you look at hybrid people to support change, you can help remove the idea of fixed functional goals. Your team will be able to focus on the shared delivery goals, knowing and being able to do what needs to be done to get projects over the line, on time and within budget.

We believe in the value of multi-skilled change people and why it can make an impact in your business.

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