5 reasons to trust and hire young professionals

What can you gain from giving opportunities to the emerging workforce? 

Grayce are committed to developing people at the start of their careers in change management. These bright and capable people are sometimes overlooked by more experienced resources. Here we highlight how much there is to gain from trusting the emerging workforce.

1. They are highly motivated

We work with people who want to get on, with real ambition and desire to succeed. People at the start of their career want to prove themselves. They are not afraid to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in.

2. They are digitally savvy

The emerging workforce are all digitally savvy. The first generation of digital natives are now adults. Technology is innate and familiar to them. They have a strong understanding of how technology can interface seamlessly with everyday life.

3. They are willing to listen & learn and be guided

New starters don’t know all the answers, but they are curious, ambitious and want to find out. Working with capable people who are at the start of their careers gives you the opportunity to input in to their development and help shape their experience and skills.

4. They are flexible and adaptable

Finally, we see that our people are flexible and adaptable. They are ready to take on a variety of responsibilities. They want to learn as much as possible to gain experience and on-the-job skills. This proves invaluable to change functions as resourcing requirements change and evolve throughout the project lifecycle.

5. They are innovative

After seven years developing change management professionals, we see a segment of the workforce that’s highly innovative, solutions and efficiency focused. They can bring a new way of thinking to change teams.

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