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Welcome to the Grayce Development Programmes

We passionately believe our curious graduates are a key part of the answer to the digital change talent demand equation. We are on a mission to help organisations witness the power of emerging top graduate talent. We give our people a platform to realise their potential, focusing on our values, continuous learning and building capability, so we can continue to develop the leaders of the future.

The Grayce Change+, Data+ & Tech+ Development Programmes are designed to shape graduates into future leaders, offering training, support and the opportunity to gain real experience working in change and transformation or data analysis.

Accredited qualifications, hands-on experience and the professional support you need to reach your potential sound good? Read on for more reasons why you should join Grayce

Joining the Grayce Community

We have three routes in to the Grayce community, through our Change+ Development Programme, our Data+ Programme and our Tech+ Programme. When you join our graduate Change+, Data+ or Tech+ Development Programmes, you join our community. From here, Grayce provides you with the training and support needed to gain a strong understanding of how to deliver change and transformation through Change+, how to analyse, visualise and manipulate data in Data+ and how to develop technical skills in software development, testing and information security in Tech+

You build on your skills each year with the support of your Delivery Manager. They will be your career coach throughout your Development Programme, helping you to build a bespoke training plan to reach your professional goals.

Together, our growing Analyst Community are supporting cutting-edge work in cybersecurity, law, insurance, banking, IT, retail – and much more. Working on industry-leading projects nationwide, there’s plenty of ways to kickstart your career with Grayce.

Change+, Tech+, Data+ or HQ?

Find a Role that suits you.

Focused Development Programmes in change and transformation, data analysis and tech. Three very different routes, but with the same expert training and development and 360 holistic support that Grayce is known for.


Change+ is our Development Programme with accredited qualifications & professional experience working directly in change programmes with clients.



Tech+ is our Development Programme with accredited qualifications and professional experience working across Information Security, Software Development and Testing.



Data+ is our Development Programme with accredited qualifications and professional experience working directly in data analysis roles with clients.


HQ Operations

Our HQ opportunities allow you to play a key role in our ambitious growth plans. Underpinned by the same principles as our Development Programmes, Grayce HQ gives you the platform to realise your potential.


Support that goes above and beyond. It’s how we do things at Grayce.

Performance management and mentoring

Every Grayce Analyst is paired with a Delivery Manager to guide their development through the Programme and ensure they continue to deliver excellence on client site. Our Delivery Managers are passionate about developing early careers and will work closely with you throughout your time on the Programme.

Client and industry knowledge

Our nationwide graduate network combined with the market insights of our Leadership Team mean we have a wealth of industry knowledge. We love to share success and knowledge, and share these insights at regular knowledge exchanges and peer-to-peer learning sessions.

Online learning platform

Analysts are able to drive their own development with access to our online learning platform. With over 9000 courses at your fingertips you can access self-guided courses 24/7 on topics from data analysis to graphic design and effective communication. You can tailor your own learning, in-line with what you need to achieve on client-site.

Formal learning and qualifications

To gain a solid foundation in change management, Change+ Analysts earn accredited qualifications in Agile methodology, project management and more. Data+ Analysts will also gain your Agile qualification and have defined learning pathways in Python and SQL. Tech+ Analysts will follow pathways in either Testing, Information Security, or Software Development. After your first year you’ll then be able to build on this foundation and choose a pathway that supports your career aims. Soft skills development is also encouraged, and will round off your technical skill set, so you’ll receive classroom based training to strengthen these and your leadership and management skills.

Developing the leaders of the future.

Our Development Programmes are designed to shape well-rounded professionals. From soft skills to technical training and accredited qualifications, we’re committed to giving you a holistic learning experience that sets you up for success. Read more about how we develop our people. Download our Whitepaper.

Who can apply?

New Graduates

Limited experience

If you’re a recent graduate looking to start your career in data, tech or change and transformation, our graduate Development Programme is the place to start with Grayce. Apply today and aim high.

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HQ Operations

Variety of experience

If you’re an L&D, Operations, HR, Finance, Talent Acquisition, or Marketing professional, our HQ Team is the place for you. Our HQ team play a key role in supporting our Analysts to be their very best and deliver excellence.

Explore our HQ vacancies


What training and qualifications are included in the Development Programmes?

The training and qualifications provided by Grayce will vary depending on which Development Programme you join. Across all programmes you will receive training on soft skills, including Leadership and Management, Communicating Change, and Stakeholder Management.

On top of this…

Our Change+ Development Programme is designed to give you a solid foundation in change management disciplines. BCS Business Analysis and APMG AgilePM Foundation are just two examples of the core qualifications we offer that equip you with the knowledge to perform any role in the Project Management lifecycle.

Our Data+ Development Programme is designed to give you a solid foundation in data analysis. On this programme, you will complete the APMG AgilePM Foundation to ensure you have well-rounded commercial knowledge. You will also receive training in the key data analysis programming languages, SQL and Python, and popular visualisation tools, including Tableau and Power BI.

Our Tech+ Development Programme is designed to give you a solid foundation in either Software Development or Information Security. Depending on your pathway, you could receive certifications on GitHub, JavaScript, SQL, ISO27001, Web Development, and more.

Our Salesforce Analysts are enrolled onto one of the above programmes depending on their specific role (e.g., Salesforce Admins complete Change+ training, Salesforce Developers complete Tech+ training), the only difference is that their training is adjusted so that they can also complete their relevant Salesforce Certification.

As well as the core training mentioned above, we also empower you to drive your own development. In years two and three of the Development Programmes, you gain access to a flexible training budget that you can spend on qualifications of your choice. With personalised advice and mentoring, we ensure you choose qualifications that support your future career aspirations.

What types of client work could I be involved in?

Grayce works with a wide range of clients, covering industries such as, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Insurance, Legal Services, and more. We aim to give our Analysts a broad range of project experiences across clients, some of the projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Regulatory Change – such as Brexit and GDPR
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cybersecurity Programmes
  • IT Transformation
  • Process Improvement
  • Data Governance
  • App Development
  • Migration Projects

What type of role would I be supporting a client with?

When placed on client site, you’ll work in roles specific to that client. Job titles can vary from one organisation to the next but below are some of the typical roles Grayce Analysts work in:


Project Manager, Project Analyst, PMO, Business Analyst, Product Owner


Information Security Analyst, Software Developer, Software Engineer, DevOps Analyst


Data Analyst, BI Analyst, Data Engineer, MI Analyst


Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developer

No matter which Development Programme you choose, we work closely with you and our clients to help find an assignment that will match your skills, career aspirations, and onward development.

How do you support Analysts in the Development Programmes?

We are a nationwide Community where everyone is supported to achieve their potential, across all of our Development Programmes. The Grayce Community is full of like-minded, ambitious people. Delivery Mangers provide close support, coaching you to fulfil your potential and delivering the quality client service we’re known for.

Change+, Data+ and Tech+ have their own knowledge exchanges to promote continuous learning and communities of practice so you can build your expertise, and your network through the four year programmes.

Our people live our Grayce values: we are human and we care, we are trusted to deliver excellence and we are changemakers and we succeed together. We bring the Grayce Community together regularly at socials, charity events, and our annual conference. From fundraising with our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, to enhancing your coding skills with our Digital Community of Practice, our Analyst-led initiatives enable you to get the most out of your Grayce experience.

Where would I be based whilst on the Development Programmes?

Grayce has clients and Analysts based across the UK. New Analysts are accepted onto the Development Programmes based on client demand. You will be matched to a client in your region, or given the option to relocate if this is something you’d like to explore. Wherever you’re based, you’ll receive continued support and training throughout the Grayce journey.

How long are the Grayce Development Programmes?

Our Development Programme offers a springboard to success and the foundation Programmes last four years. This helps you to gain qualifications and real client experience in a supportive environment.

Whilst the foundation Programmes last four years, there are plenty of ways to continue your Grayce journey and we make sure we explore your aspirations and provide career coaching throughout your Development Programme.

You can progress your career internally with Grayce as a Junior Delivery Manager or Junior Client Partner and many more HQ roles as we grow our business.

Whatever your plans are after Grayce, our Delivery Managers, Alumni Network and Mentors ensure you’re supported you as you take your next steps.

When do applications open for the Development Programmes?

At Grayce, our Development Programmes are open for applications all year-round. This means that you can apply at the time that works best for you.

Aim high, and start your Grayce journey today

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