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Meet Ola,
Test Analyst

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I studied Computer Science at Babcock University in Nigeria, where I achieved my ISTQB Foundation Level Testing Certification. Following this, I worked at an insurance company where I helped to test a new website that allowed users to purchased insurance online without having to speak to agents first. At this time, I also achieved a diploma in insurance, where I was recognised for obtaining the best results (female) in the country.

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My Grayce project

Whilst at Grayce, I have worked with financial services organisations who are experiencing bugs or errors in their software. My role is to ensure that the results returned by company software are as expected and without deviations. On my current project, I’m helping to upgrade software to meet regulatory standards, ensuring everything is free of costly errors or bugs and that the software delivered matches the requirements given to developers.

Looking ahead

My ultimate aim is to specialise in Automation and Penetration Testing where I could help organisations protect their software and data. I am also currently looking to complete my CompTIA Security+ exam.

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