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Meet Martha,
Lead Data Analyst

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Before joining Grayce, I studied Mathematics and Spanish at Sheffield University for a master’s degree. in My first assignment at Grayce was an international money transfer company, where I was a part of their new data team! My job was to manage my own clients to ensure their data was sent consistently and in the correct format. I also worked on a project personally with my manager to recover debt leftover from old client relationships.

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My Grayce project

I’m currently working at a major international insurance company. My role is split into 2 parts: assisting the team as a Business Analyst, and working on automation and process improvement. As a Business Analyst I work with multiple stakeholders to help bring their dashboard and report needs to life. I spend lots of time communicating with them and our team of developers to ensure everyone is on the same page. I am also working on automating some manual processes using Alteryx, with the aim of reducing single user dependency in the team and saving everyone time.

Looking ahead

I have just entered my third year Grayce so have been thinking a lot about my future plans. I am aiming to use my development budget to get my CMI level 5 diploma in Leadership and Management, as well as my Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate, and AI Fundamentals certifications. In the future, I would love to incorporate these into my role alongside my current experience with Alteryx. I plan to continue working on my Alteryx certifications so I can bring more solutions to my current and future assignments. I can’t wait to take advantage of Grayce’s wide range of customers to try something completely different in my next role!

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