Why blending the best graduate talent with Senior Analysts should underpin your IR35 compliance strategy

Adam Kamruddin shares how a blended talent strategy will benefit organisations’ IR35 compliance strategy.

There are less than 4 months left until IR35 reforms hit the private sector. And yet, for many organisations, little progress has been made to find an effective compliance strategy that doesn’t threaten talent or delivery.

Deloitte’s most recent pulse survey highlighted some of the private sectors’ most pressing concerns surrounding the reform, from 84% of organisations still being in the early stages of their IR35 projects to 90% lacking a clear strategy to manage additional costs that will arise.

We’ve already seen from public sector reports that following the reform, contractor fees are likely to rise, and resourcing change projects will become more difficult. Five months after IR35 went live in the public sector, 52% of contractors who had left their clients had not been replaced, and where big consultancies had been able to plug the resourcing gaps created, they did so at noticeably higher rates.

With the UK digital skills gap already costing UK organisations an estimated £6.3bn a year, organisations need to invest in a compliant talent strategy now that’s suited to our increasingly digital world. Despite the daunting prospect of formulating an effective IR35 talent strategy, there are still ways to have the best of both worlds - keeping flexible resource and change programmes on track.

At Grayce, we take full responsibility for Analysts’ PAYE and NI, so there’s never any uncertainty about their IR35 status. We invest in only the very best graduate talent, equipping them with the skills and qualifications they need for a successful career in change over a three-year training programme. As we invite just 1% of applicants to join our Development Programme, clients are assured that our Analysts have been carefully aligned to their organisations’ requirements, culture and, most importantly, are able to deliver immediate impact from their first day on client site.

Using Grayce Analysts to fill junior and mid-level consultant roles allows organisations to limit their reliance on expensive contractors. This way, companies can remain cost-competitive without having to sacrifice flexibility. As well as immediate deployment to address short term capacity challenges, Grayce helps to build clients’ long-term capability with clear talent pipelines.

A leading global pharmaceutical organisation relies on a strategic partnership with Grayce to ensure continued access to high-quality, flexible resource post-IR35 reform. Over the past seven years, we have successfully placed over 40 Analysts into change and transformation programmes across the full range of change disciplines, including business, regulatory and digital change.

Most recently, the client’s Digital Labs team, comprised of Grayce Analysts, have been responsible for rolling out the latest technology to scientists across the organisation. From innovative research tools to verbal translation devices, our Analysts have received outstanding feedback from key stakeholders for their role in delivering the client’s strategic digital vision. Grayce Analysts are recognised across client site for their excellent quality of work, capability and can-do attitude. Grayce Delivery Managers' and Client Partners’ knowledge of the client has enabled the placement of high-quality Analysts that have embedded themselves quickly into existing teams.

Grayce have been partnered with public and private sector organisations since 2013. Our growing Analyst Community are supporting cutting-edge change programmes in banking, cybersecurity, law, insurance, IT, retail - and much more. Working on industry-leading projects nationwide, our Analysts bring the technical skills and adaptability that’s vital in the fast-paced world of transformation.

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