Random acts of kindness in the Grayce community

Today we're celebrating the importance of kindness in the working environment.

For Random Acts of Kindness Day, we're shining a light on some of the wonderful ways that we go the extra mile for each other at Grayce. Whilst there's too many to mention here, we're sharing a selection of kindness stories from across our community.

From Rebecca Turnick thanking Zakkiya Hussain

“I can’t express enough how kind Zakkiya has been to me over the whole of my six months at my legal services client. It has been less of a random act of kindness and more of a continual day-to-day kind attitude that Zakkiya conveys. Any problem I’ve had or just after a bad day, she listens and always knows the right answer. She has lifted my spirits at difficult times and for this I am very appreciative.”

From Shivani Gadhia thanking Sam Deakin

“I’d like to thank Sam Deakin for going above and beyond to try and get me a new role at our client. I really appreciated this as Sam is a work stream lead so he’s really busy. Throughout my assignment, he always made the time to check-in, catch up and make me feel welcome. Sam is an amazing buddy who always goes the extra mile for people.”

From Emily Jones thanking Abigail Triggs

“At the beginning of my Grayce journey, moving to London was a big step and trying to find accommodation can was extremely difficult and time consuming. Having met Abi at mobilisation for a matter of minutes, she had already said that while she wasn’t staying in her flat, I could stay there whilst I tried to find permanent accommodation. I was so grateful and appreciative of Abi’s act of kindness as she really didn’t have to do that. Since then, Abi and I have developed a great friendship and it really was a great start to my Grayce journey.”

From Karolina Lysiak thanking Lucy Smith

“Lucy and I work together in the ePMO team at a leading legal services organisation. Lucy is generally kind and helpful, always willing to help and pick up any work when she can see I'm at full capacity. It makes my job that much easier knowing that I have supportive, reliable colleagues who are willing to step in and help when needed. It is much appreciated!”

From Vitor Correia thanking Melissa Burke

“I would like to give a shout-out to Mel B! 2018 was a pretty challenging year for me: lots of professional and personal changes and when the project I started with Grayce and my client had been put on hold, I felt like I couldn’t take another difficult moment.

In our last Montlhy Performance Review of the year, it was impressive how sympathetic and supportive Mel was. She was truly inspirational in giving me the strength to move forward and keep being resilient. As I was on my way to the airport for my Christmas holiday in Portugal, sent me the loveliest text sending her wishes for a better new year ahead.”

From Bethany Lee thanking Abigail Johnson-Mills

“Abi is always a positive presence in the Grayce office who takes the time to listen to everyone. She really went the extra mile for me last summer. I’d gone through a challenging family situation and, despite having just returned from having an amazing time away on her honeymoon, the first thing she did when returning to the office was come straight over to me and ask me how I was.”

 From Shivani Gadhia thanking Katherine Smart

“When I left our client, I got a message from her, saying that she hoped I was okay and that she was there if I needed anything! A small gesture, but I really appreciated it. Throughout my time at our client, she was always there if I had any questions and made me feel welcome.”

From Tom Elliott thanking Adam Kamruddin

“Adam was really helpful on my first day at Grayce. He took the time to explain how the Grayce sales process works which reinforced the explanations from my manager. He also gave me some really valuable hints and tips on how best to work with the Delivery Managers, Client Partners and the Marketing Team - something that was new to me and different from my previous role.

Finally, he went the extra mile by sending me some of the successful email campaigns he had been using, allowing me to use as templates for my new sales territory. All of this really helped to accelerate my learning!”

Everyone at Grayce shares a commitment to our values: We Care, We Deliver Excellence, We Succeed Together. This shapes who we recruit and how we interact with one another everyday. We're proud to be home to such considerate and caring team players who will go on to become the next generation of business leaders.

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