Grayce become Tech Talent Charter signatory

As part of its commitment to closing the digital skills gap and bringing diversity into the tech industry, Grayce has signed the Tech Talent Charter (TTC).

Emerging talent management consultancy, Grayce, has today announced it has signed the Tech Talent Charter (TTC), joining over 665 organisations, including Salesforce, Microsoft, Sky, Atos, Bank of England and Lloyds Banking Group. TTC is a not-for-profit organisation, run as an industry collective, founded by a group of organisations spanning recruitment, tech and social enterprise.

Grayce works with organisations nationwide to help them build sustainable talent pipelines in change and transformation, tech and data analysis. In 2021, the consultancy upgraded its Tech+ Development Programme, which provides next generation tech talent with training in Software Development, Testing and Information Security.

As every industry continues to go through rapid digital transformation, accelerated by the pandemic, tech and digital skills are increasingly important for organisations to nurture to be successful. But with the number of students taking IT subjects at GCSE falling by 40% since 2015 and demand for digital skills soaring, it’s more important than ever that young people are being encouraged to pursue careers in tech. In response to the national skills and talent shortage, Grayce is bolstering its commitment to developing tech talent by expanding its network of trusted partners and signing the TTC.

TTC has been supported by the UK Digital Strategy since 2017. TTC’s goal is that the UK tech sector can become a diverse and truly inclusive community where people from all backgrounds are welcomed, listened to and valued for their contributions. Like Grayce, TTC is a firm believer in the importance of working collaboratively to drive positive change.

Grayce CEO and Tech Talent Charter Signatory, Geoff Smith, says: “From our ‘Women in Tech’ Scholarship with Code Nation, to now becoming part of The Tech Talent Charter, we’re thrilled to join forces with organisations who share our passion for supporting the emerging workforce. We have access to a vast network of leading organisations which we can draw insights from.

“Through our partnership with TTC, we hope to strengthen our Tech+ proposition and do more to attract a diverse range of people into tech careers. By having a more diverse workforce, with greater diversity of thought, we can in turn offer this to our clients to support their EDI agenda and tech strategy.”

Grayce Practice Director and Tech Talent Charter Signatory, Sam Vickerman, says: “I’m excited to be driving this public promise to support young people into tech careers. Having worked with IT for over 20 years, I’ve seen first-hand the challenges that stem from a lack of diversity within the sector. Thanks to TTC, we can work with leading organisations to turn the dial and actively encourage others to look at tech as a career path.”

Grayce EDI Lead and Tech Talent Charter Signatory, Alana Lukens, says: “At Grayce, we want to be part of positive and impactful change, so that we can be tech diversity trailblazers! Grayce is all about our people – supporting ourselves and others to thrive. Our partnership with TTC is one way that we can benchmark our progress, hold ourselves accountable and continue to learn. We are excited to be part of a large network who is committed to this too!”

Grayce continues to expand its pool of partners, ensuring it is collaborating with the very best individuals and organisations, in order to close the tech skills and talent gap – for good.

Find out more about The Tech Talent Charter here.

About Grayce

Grayce is an emerging talent management consultancy. Since 2012, it has worked with businesses to place thousands of skilled graduate professionals with them, as demand for skilled professionals in change, data and tech continues to grow. The consultancy works with businesses to rethink their talent strategy, build long-term skills capabilities and deliver digital transformation and change.

Its Change+, Data+ and Tech+ Development Programmes are designed to equip graduates with the skills they need both now and for the future and to provide businesses with access to the very best, diverse talent for their assignments. For more information visit

Find out more about The Tech Talent Charter

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