Grayce become Mental Health at Work Commitment signatory

Recognising the importance of prioritising mental health in the workplace, Grayce has signed the Mental Health at Work Commitment.   

Grayce are pleased to announce that we have signed the Mental Health at Work Commitment, joining over 1500 organisations, including Unilever, National Grid, and Lloyd’s Banking Group 

The Mental Health at Work Commitment, developed by the Thriving at Work Leadership Council and members of Business in The Community’s Wellbeing Team, is a comprehensive framework, building on existing pledges and standards, which underpin a roadmap to achieving better mental health outcomes for those in work.    

The commitment sets out six standards for organisations to aim towards. These include:  

  1. Prioritising mental health in the workplace and implementing a systematic programme of activity  
  2. Proactively ensuring organisation culture drives positive mental health outcomes  
  3. Promoting an open culture around mental health  
  4. Increasing organisational confidence and capabilities  
  5. Providing mental health tools and support  
  6. Increasing transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting  

Holistic wellbeing support at Grayce 

The mental health and wellbeing of everyone at Grayce is our number one priority. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on us all, both professionally and personally. According to the Office for National Statistics, around 21% adults experienced some form of depression in early 2021; this is more than double than before the pandemic. As a result, Grayce have accelerated our wellbeing support and improvements. And signing the Mental Health at Work Commitment is a significant milestone on this journey.  

Providing a safe, supportive and inclusive community, alongside 24/7 wellbeing services, is all part of our mission to ensure Grayce lead the way in implementing positive mental health standards. From internal Wellbeing Ambassadors to our Employee Assistance Programme, Mental Health First Aiders and our Wellness at Work initiative, we are proud to provide holistic support for our people.  

Grayce HR Director & Mental Health at Work Commitment Signatory, Gemma Collins says: “As a business, our purpose is to develop the next generation of leaders. We do this through a continuous learning and development programme, helping people to reach their full potential. To fulfil our purpose, we want to create an environment where people can be their authentic selves and really thrive. We want people to understand it’s ok not to be ok and that support is readily available to them, without judgement, demonstrating our commitment to the Grayce value, ‘We Are Human and We Care’.” 

Wellness at Work initiative 

Our community initiatives at Grayce encourage everyone to explore their interests though regular webinars, events – and more. One of these is our Wellness at Work initiative, run by Grayce Analysts, Sydney Dawson and Lucile Fiorentino. Wellbeing goes hand-in-hand with professional development. The team work to improve wellbeing by providing knowledge, tools and support to keep the community feeling their best.  

Sydney and Lucile say: “One of the activities that the Wellness at Work Team do is host weekly ‘Tea @ 3’ sessions. These informal coffee catchups, facilitated by one of our Wellness Ambassadors, give Grayce colleagues the opportunity to network, discuss whatever is on their mind, and build strong connections.   

From regular events with external speakers, webinars led by professional mentors, and onboarding Wellbeing Ambassadors, we are proud to see the team grow, along with the enthusiasm for prioritising mental health throughout the Grayce community.” 

Continuous improvement 

In our 2021 Employee Survey, we learned that 98% of the Grayce community feel welcomed by their colleagues and 97% feel they are treated with integrity and respect by others. Whilst we are proud of these statistics, we recognise that there is always room for improvement and that our employees’ needs continue to change in response to our evolving working world.  

Driven by the findings of our Employee Survey, Grayce have implemented an improvement plan as we work to increase employee wellbeing year-on-year. The network and guidance on best practice that we have access to through the Mental Health at Work Commitment will be hugely beneficial to helping us implement these plans and continue to provide first-class wellbeing support for our community.  

Find out more about the Mental Health at Work Commitment

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