5 reasons to develop your own change capability

Find out how implementing an in-house change capability could transform your business.

The value in your own change management teams shouldn’t be underestimated. Change never stops and the velocity is only increasing. If your business facilitates change using a contractor resource model, then you’ll always employ short-term, tactical resource methods. Here we discuss five reasons why you should develop your own change capability.

1. Foster the right culture

Culture and engagement play a huge part in the success of programme delivery. How do you currently manage differing values, ways of working and engagement levels, if your team is not joined up? Building your own team can help, as people will be more committed to your business and its strategic aims. Occasionally the values and culture piece can become diluted when working in disparate teams.

2. Create a robust succession plan

By building your own team you can protect your business, now and in the future. Creating long term sustainability in your change team should be a vital part of business planning. The competencies your business needs to support business growth and competition should include those from the project management lifecycle.

3. Building enduring knowledge and capability

Over the years, we’ve seen change programmes start, stop and finish. What comes with this is a transient workforce who take the knowledge and insight they’ve built with them once a project completes. Retaining people in your function helps with lessons learned and key insight for future programmes.

4. Achieve more sustainable costs

Project resource costs are escalating and can feel unmanageable. Building a team of flexible people who are capable and ready means you can rethink costs and show more consistent forecasts for project delivery.

5. Define your own standards

Quality can be variable when you need to resource programmes from a pool of transient contractors. Skills and experience might not fit your requirements, so taking the time to review what you need and build a profile for your future team means you can define your own standards, and control them.

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