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Meet Abi,
Data Science Analyst

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Before I joined Grayce, I studied Maths and Statistics at the University of Bristol. After graduating, I decided to deepen my knowledge of data science and completed a 12-week training course which covered SQL, Python, and machine learning.

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My Grayce project

I’m currently on assignment at a transport organisation as a Data Science Analyst. My main focus is using optimisation tools to improve staff scheduling. I also make use of my skills in Python to write scripts that automate repetitive processes, and I have created models that allow the organisation to help understand and plan for their future capacity requirements.

Looking ahead

In the future, I’d love to work on machine learning and AI projects. At Grayce, I’m hoping to gain experience in other industries, develop new skills, and find fresh challenges to take on. In particular, I’m looking forward to completing the Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate qualification to expand my skillset.

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