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Discovering, developing and delivering emerging talent with the Salesforce skills you need now.

Grayce's Salesforce certified Analysts support your organisation

As a Grayce Salesforce Talent Alliance Partner, we have designed our Salesforce solution to equip our Analysts with the key skills to work with and develop these systems for clients. Attracting, retaining, and developing talent is our core business model, helping organisations adopt, implement and maintain Salesforce technology.

Enabling next generation Salesforce talent

We are committed to helping organisations within Salesforce’s ecosystem hire new Salesforce professionals in an inclusive framework by connecting them with our young and diverse analysts who are Salesforce certified.

We are enabling the next generation to gain the highest form of recognition and skills in these growing platforms to drive expertise in the field as well as a commitment to the platform and the careers that stem from them. Once they are qualified, we don’t stop there. Our coaching and mentoring programme continues to support our team onsite with you before, during and after initial training. 

From Salesforce Admin Certifications to specialist qualifications we’ve created a tailored training programmes to suit your organisations needs. We’re training a diverse pool of talent to transfer over to your organisations to build your inhouse SaaS capabilities. 

  • Change and Transformation  
  • Implementation 
  • Development  
  • Architecture 
  • Insight and Analytics  
  • Marketing CRM 
  • Cloud 
  • Service Design and Transition  
  • Service Desk Testing and Configuration  

How we discover, develop and deliver exceptional Salesforce talent

As a Salesforce Talent Alliance Partner, we recruit high-quality Analysts who are able to work in change, data analysis and tech.

Analysts are supported with a comprehensive Development Programme building Salesforce skills, gaining certifications in admin and development pathways.

We offer a complete service supporting both clients and analysts, providing assurance and performance management.

Flexible Engagement Models provide you with a solution as your needs evolve, from immediate Salesforce talent requirements to long term capability build.

Salesforce in action at the Co-op

The Co-Operative Bank recognised that with the right support, they could better utilise the large amounts of data that they produce. Grayce Analysts have been:

  • Helping to implement continuous improvement in adoption of Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Defining ways of working and process adoption
  • Managing flow of change use cases
  • Release management
  • Salesforce administration

I’ve spent the past 18 months working as a business analyst on adopting Salesforce Marketing Cloud as the Co-op’s strategic CRM application. This has involved exploring the Marketing Cloud platform to understand the various modules – e.g. Einstein STO – and how they can best be used to meet campaign requirements.

Laura SwiftGrayce Analyst

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