Case study

Building Capability in the Insurance Industry

Beazley has been working with Grayce to help us diversify and bring some emerging talent in to the team. The traditional contractor model pushes delivery costs up and doesn’t allow for the blend of talent and experience we need in the team to deliver our plans.

Grayce was an untested concept at Beazley, I’m not really aware of any other organisations providing this type of service and support, but we were immediately impressed with the calibre of people Grayce provided. Currently, we’ve got around 20 people in our team, a mix of permanent employees, contractors and Grayce Analysts, with Grayce Analysts working in PM, BA and PMO roles. The Analysts we initially brought into the team quickly established themselves and took on more and more responsibilities as they progressed through the Grayce Development Programme and as they gained more experience working in their client roles.

All Grayce Analysts are intelligent, confident and inquisitive. When a potential candidate is presented to us, we know they are already high quality and we just check that the person will fit in to the team dynamic well. Using Grayce we’ve been able to plug a resource gap that we had previously struggled with, and we are also building capability within the team. We’ve had Analysts join Beazley permanently and we look to continue building our talent pipeline using the Grayce model. When we need support Grayce are highly responsive, their recruitment service is efficient and robust, and they work with us proactively to help us plan for additional support. The Service team, and the Analysts from Grayce have great energy and it’s clear that there is a certain type of person they look for to be successful in the Development Programme.

The Grayce team and I have developed a strong working relationship over the years and bringing emerging talent into our team has actually offered us new ways of thinking about problems. Emerging talent approach things differently and it’s been really useful for me to work with them and understand different perspectives.” I’ve been happy to recommend Grayce, more than once, to senior peers within the insurance industry. Why? Because it’s a unique proposition, a real high quality alternative to contractors and average consultancy businesses and will help you to build your talent pipeline. For other organisations looking to work with Grayce, I would say, embrace the model. Believe in the capability of emerging talent and support them, then you will reap the benefits.

“I’ve worked with Grayce for a number of years, in my position as Business Change Manager at Beazley. At Beazley I’m
responsible for supporting UK & Rest of World growth and strategy change initiatives, so we can help the underwriting
teams deliver against their business plans.”

Mike ChristofiBusiness Change Manager