Grayce Analyst, Ben Robinson shares how his role at a leading insurance group has evolved in light of COVID-19.

As of late, I’ve been working on reporting RSA’s COVID data across their UK business areas to map how each area, and the business as a whole, is being affected. At the moment this takes the form of daily MI which is circulated to departmental heads to help them gauge its impact and where resources are most needed to ensure business continuity.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, RSA’s biggest challenge has been┬ákeeping its claims call centres up and running whilst observing social distancing rules. Although much of the business has been free to transition to homeworking as we are all provided work laptops, claims has always been an area of the business that requires daily office attendance and is not supplied this hardware. Because of this, RSA has been scrambling to locate several thousand laptops over the last few weeks to be dispatched to everybody based in claims and help them make that transition to homeworking, so they can continue to support to their customers.

Originally, I was working within PMO as an Assurance Analyst, so COVID has completely changed the scope of my role by moving me into a reporting position. This has brought with it increased exposure to senior members of staff who have been reaching out to clarify data driving the MI and better understand how that affects their business areas.

As roles are still being clarified everybody seems to be balancing quite a lot, especially where business needs continue to change. I think it’s helpful to have myself and the other Grayce Analysts involved at a time like this to be able to pick up work which would otherwise fall by the wayside because of all this disruption.

RSA provides you with everything you need to work from home and encourages everybody to do so at least once a week.

RSA provided all the hardware needed to work from home in advance. Also, I’ve got a great team and Grayce Analysts on site to keep me sane with regular calls. Same goes for HQ who I know have been checking in with all of us!

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