Grayce Analyst, Tulsi Patel shares how working in FinTech on the Grayce graduate Development Programme will help her future career.

What does being a Grayce Project Analyst involve?

Since joining Grayce five months ago, I’ve spent the majority of my time on client site at a FTSE 100 FinTech company in London. My role as a NAP Early Migration Analyst involves managing third party stakeholders on a large scale migration project.

I’ve had the opportunity to consult with multiple global acquirers to develop and manage their bespoke migration strategies and facilitate these during migration events. Client expectations of Analysts are high, with the view that you will have an impact from day one. Joining a client and hitting the ground running means that I can develop invaluable skills and gain cutting-edge industry experience really early on in my career.

How does the Grayce Development Programme support your client role?

Grayce provides the opportunity to gain industry recognised qualifications frequently throughout the three-year development programme. After only five months, I have completed my BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis and APM Project Management fundamentals. This was supplemented by MS Office Suite training to enhance knowledge around these essential applications.

Each Analyst is assigned a Delivery Manager to support their performance and development on client site. They are our first point of contact. We meet regularly to talk about professional growth, as well as the self-study modules we complete as part of the Development Programme.

What skills and competencies do you hope to develop over the three years at Grayce?

I hope programme’s hands-on approach will enable me to develop the core competencies I need to become a management consultant. I’m looking forward to developing my analytical and technical abilities, problem-solving skills and strategic planning ability. All of these skills are transferable to any industry, which leaves me open to a wide range of career pathways when I finish my three years with Grayce.

What other ways can Analysts get involved in the Grayce Community?

There are lots of ways Analysts can ‘do more’ at Grayce, through initiatives, knowledge sharing, webinars and even becoming a subject matter expert.

In my short time at Grayce, I’ve been able to co-manage a Social Committee for London Analysts. This has involved extensive event planning and presenting our business case to HQ. We want to create a collaborative environment, encouraging team building for all Analysts across our London clients.

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